"Vote as if your life depends on it. Because it does." - Justin Dart


If you have trouble reading or seeing the ballot, use the One4All accessible voting system! Here's a video on how:

Americans with disabilities have too often been unable to cast their ballots because of inaccessible voting places or discriminatory voting policies. The Help America Vote Act requires states to improve access to the polls for individuals with disabilities.

All Americans are entitled to exercise their right to vote. The DRC is working to educate NH residents with disabilities about voting rights and responsibilities.

The Voter ID rules as of 2015: The Secretary of State's office has more information on the current Voter ID requirements.

Your Voting Rights: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Frequently Asked Questions about Voting

Disabilities Rights Center Presents...Voting and Civic Involvement: the Issues for People with Disabilities. Watch our streaming video series about voting and getting involved in government. People with disabilities are less likely to vote than the general population; they are more likely to feel disempowered. We’d like to see that change. You CAN get involved and make a difference.

Streaming Video:

Legal Brief: Voting


Get involved and meet the politicians running for office - woman shaking hands with ObamaThe Help America Vote Act of 2002 requires New Hampshire to develop a plan to ensure that all individuals with disabilities have access to voting. HAVA and other laws require that you be able to:

  • Park in an accessible space at the registration and polling locations
  • Have an accessible route from the parking space to the accessible entrance
  • Register on the same day you vote
  • The NH Secretary of State must provide voter, election official, and poll worker training to ensure access to individuals with disabilities.
  • If you live in an institution, you are still entitled to vote unless that right has specifically been terminated by law due to guardianship or criminal conviction

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (Motor Voter)

NH Senate Bill 206, relative to proof of identity by voters

NH Election Statutes - Title LXIII

Disability Rights Center - NH:Ted Kennedy and Roberta Gallant

  • Provides education, training, and assistance to individuals with disabilities to promote their participation in elections
  • Surveys polling places to identify problems with accessibility
  • Participates in training and education of elected officials, poll workers, and election volunteers
  • Participates in advocacy and training efforts in the state
  • Helps individuals with disabilities file a complaint if their voting rights are violated

Call Disability Rights Center - NH at 1-800-834-1721 if your voting rights have been violated.

You may also contact the NH Department of Justice to file a complaint about an election law violation.

Also contact us if you would like to schedule an education and information session about your rights as a voter with disabilities.