What To Expect

When you Contact DRC-NH, you will be asked a few questions to determine whether you should have a confidential conversation with one of our attorneys, or whether it is more appropriate to refer you to another organization for assistance. If we determine that you should speak to one of our attorneys, we will schedule a confidential phone call with an attorney – free of charge.

Learn more about DRC-NH: Download our informational flyer here

Si desea obtener más información sobre DRC-NH: Descargue aquí nuestro folleto informativo.

Initial Appointment and Brief Services

Initial Appointment: When you have your initial confidential phone appointment, an attorney will speak with you and will ask you for information about your legal problem.  The attorney may be able to answer your questions immediately or they may refer you to other helpful services or resources.

There is no charge for the initial appointment or referral services.

Brief Services: If the attorney needs more information, they will discuss your legal problem in more detail and possibly obtain records and other related materials. Although confidential, this follow-up is not meant to be legal representation. It only means we will look into the matter to see if we can assist you.

There is no charge for short-term or brief assistance.

Longer-term Services

If you require longer-term legal representation, you will be asked to sign a Representation Letter that will explain the scope of DRC-NH’s representation and any legal fees. Again, there is no charge for brief services or information and referral services (as described above). However, if we provide more in-depth advocacy or legal representation, there may be a fee for our services.

Given our limited resources, our legal staff cannot take all cases. We have certain case criteria that we consider before accepting a case for long-term legal representation. If we are unable to take your case, we will try to refer you to other sources of legal representation.

Please see our Fee Policy for more information on our sliding fee scale.

Case Criteria

In accepting cases for limited or full representation, DRC-NH will consider the following:

  • Does the individual meet eligibility criteria?
  • Does the case have legal merit?
  • Do we have the capacity, funding and expertise to provide quality representation?
  • Does the case fit within our priorities?
  • What is the likelihood that our advocacy would make a positive difference to people with disabilities?
  • Would our advocacy result in services being provided in a more integrated setting?

View more information about our case criteria

Are you currently incarcerated?

If you are currently incarcerated, you are welcome to call us collect to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys or you can write to us at:

Disability Rights Center -NH

64 North Main Street,
Suite 2, 3rd Floor,
Concord, NH 03301-4913

Do You Live, Work, or Have a Loved One in a Facility?

We need to hear from you about how institutions throughout the state are managing the impact of COVID-19.

Report An Issue Here

Requesting an Accommodation

To request a reasonable accommodation to access and use our services, contact our Section 504/ADA compliance coordinator, Attorney Lynne Clay:

Visit our Request an Accommodations page for more information about our policy.