Disability Issue Areas

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Disability Issue Areas

From school to the workplace, the doctor's office to the home, people with disabilities have rights. We provide information, advice, and legal representation to individuals who have been discriminated against due to their disability in many different areas of their life.


We provide information, advice, and legal representation in several areas involving children’s education including special education, school discipline and the unlawful use of restraint and seclusion.

Assistive Technology

We help individuals identify and acquire technology necessary to help students access their curriculum, assist individuals who want to work become employable and successful in the job market, and help people with disabilities enjoy life and stay engaged with their communities.

Representative Payee

Through this program, we help ensure certain social security beneficiaries are protected from financial exploitation and other abuses, and ensure that funds are being used appropriately and in the best interest of the beneficiary.


All Americans are entitled to exercise their right to vote. We work to educate NH residents with disabilities about voting rights and responsibilities.