Developmental Disabilities

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Developmental Disabilities

We serve adults and children with developmental disabilities who have disability related legal issues. We are committed to ensuring access to appropriate services for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Know Your Rights

Adults and children with a developmental disability or acquired brain disorder may be entitled to receive a variety of services from the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  Individuals who qualify and receive services have the right to appeal if their services are subsequently reduced or terminated.

DRC-NH Provides Legal Advice and Representation for Individuals with Disabilities

Through representation at Administrative Appeals, and in state and federal courts, DRC-NH assists individuals who have been inappropriately denied eligibility for services or have been found eligible for services but are not receiving the services to which they are entitled.

DRC-NH can:

  • Investigate allegations of abuse or neglect by a provider or area agency
  • Help you advocate for services that you want.
  • Help you apply for early intervention services for your child.
  • Help you get assistive technology.
  • Advocate for better education services.
  • Help you to receive in-home family support services.
  • Help with transition services for people aged 18-21 years old.
  • Appeal an eligibility determination.
  • Assist in disputes about case management/ choosing a service coordinator.
  • Challenge cuts to your budget or reductions in your services,
  • Assist in disputes with your area agency.
  • Assist in disputes with your service provider.
  • File a complaint against your area agency or service provider.

Dive into a specific disability related issue


All Americans are entitled to exercise their right to vote. We work to educate NH residents with disabilities about voting rights and responsibilities.


We provide information, advice, and legal representation in several areas involving children’s education including special education, school discipline and the unlawful use of restraint and seclusion.

Representative Payee

Through this program, we help ensure certain social security beneficiaries are protected from financial exploitation and other abuses, and ensure that funds are being used appropriately and in the best interest of the beneficiary.

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If You Need Help

Contact us if you are concerned about the services you receive from an area agency or a provider or if you wish to speak with an attorney about a disability-related legal issue.

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