Coalition of Blind and Vision Impaired Voters

Coalition of Blind and Vision Impaired Voters Logo which includes a graphic of a voting box with the word VOTE on one side and a ballot entering a slit on the top of the box with a large black check mark. The box is red, blue, and purple.

You Have Rights

New Hampshire citizens have the right to vote independently, privately, and with a secret ballot in federal, state, and local elections. The Help Americans Vote Act (HAVA) and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establish specific protections for voters with disabilities.

Additional Information & Resources

The New Hampshire Coalition of Blind and Vision Impaired Voters (CBVIV) is an organization made up of consumer-advocates as well as advocacy groups including Future in SightGranite State Independent Living, and Disability Rights Center-NH. Our goal is to increase voting accessibility for blind and vision impaired voters New Hampshire residents. Email us at

Coalition Partners

Consumer and Individual Partners
Rep. Lisa Bunker, Fred Fournier, Jean Shiner, Dana Trahan, Guy Woodland 

Organizational Partners

Organizational logos for New Hampshire Vocational Rehabilitation, Future In Sight, Granite State Independent Living, and Disability Rights Center New Hampshire