2005 Governor’s Commission to Study Area Agencies

The Commission’s Purpose

This 13-member Commission was established by Governor John Lynch to examine possible ways in which the Area Agencies could operate more efficiently and cost effectively, without compromising services to individuals with disabilities and their families. While prompted by the proposal to merge four of the twelve Area Agency regions into two, the Governor’s Executive Order called for a comprehensive examination of the Area Agencies. To fulfill this mandate, the Commission reviewed the larger service delivery system of which the Area Agencies are a  major part. This includes the contractual service providers and vendors and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which has system-wide supervisory, funding and oversight responsibility.

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Report Appendices:

Appendix A – Executive Order
Appendix B – List of Commission Members
Appendix C – List of Documents Reviewed
Appendix D – Renewing the Vision
Appendix E – Excerpts of Standards or Rights Governing Services From State Statutes or Regulations
Appendix F – BDS Director 2006 Budget Breakdown
Appendix G – BDS Director Budget Increases 1989-2006
Appendix H – Comparative National and State Data Vacancy and Turnover Rate
Appendix I – Comparative Employment Data
Appendix J – Further Comments on the Education and Interagency Issue
Appendix K – Wait List Chart
Appendix K.1 – DDS Contract Outcome Measures on AAs
Appendix L – RSA 186-C: 7 Interagency Agreement for Special Education
Appendix M – Interagency Agreement Between DOE and DHHS
Appendix N – SB 101 Majority and Minority Reports
Appendix O – Individuals with Developmental Disabilities at New Hampshire Hospital
Appendix P – Two Case Studies from Disabilities Rights Center
Appendix P – Two Case Studies from Disabilities Rights Center
Appendix R – Additional Comments Relative to:
• Family and Individual Control Model Recommendation
• Sole Provider Issue
• IT, Quality Assurance, and Standardization of Certain Functions
• Comprehensive Electronic Resource Directory and Navigator
Appendix S – Description of the Merger Subcommittee Process

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