Know Your Voting Rights: Your Voting Rights at a Glance

State and Federal laws protect the voting rights of people with disabilities. In New Hampshire, eligible voters who can make or express a choice, have the right to vote.

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5 Things Voters with Disabilities Need to Know

1) You Have the Right to Vote Independently and Privately
No one can tell you how to vote or stop you from voting if you are eligible. It is your choice. Your vote is private and you can keep it a secret.

2) Someone Can Help You Vote
Help can be provided by anyone you choose including a friend, family member, caregiver, service provider, or someone working at the polls.

3) You Have the Right to an Accessible Polling Place
Federal laws require all polling sites to be physically accessible. These laws ensure equal access for people with disabilities, including voters who use wheelchairs, have vision loss, and who have service animals. If your polling place is not accessible, a poll worker can bring an absentee ballot to you in your car or other accessible location.

4) You Can Use the One4all Accessible Voting System
In NH, our accessible voting system is called the one4all and it is available at every polling place for federal elections. For a demonstration go to: One4all Accessible Voting – YouTube

5) You Have the Right to Vote Even if you Have a Guardian
Your guardian cannot decide whether or not you can vote. A judge cannot deny you your right to vote simply because you have a guardian.


Download Our Know Your Rights: Your Voting Rights at a Glance Flyer

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All Americans are entitled to exercise their right to vote. We work to educate NH residents with disabilities about voting rights and responsibilities.

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