Casting Call for NH Voters with Disabilities

Illustrations of camera gear with a red theater curtain background. In white font "Documentary Seeking Participants. The National Disability Rights Network is interviewing voters with disabilities for a documentary about the issues that matter to our community and showcase the power of our vote! Interviews would be 2-3 hours and be in-person. Contact us at"The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), a leading national disability rights organization, is working on a documentary that will tell the stories of voters with disabilities.

NDRN is seeking to get a look at the home life and day-to-day experience of voters with disabilities. Interviews would take approximately two to three hours and would include film footage of the participant’s daily life.

For example: navigating to work, arranging paratransit, going over how much their healthcare costs are or showing any durable medical equipment they use, explaining how a home health aide would enable them to experience greater independence etc…

NDRN staff will be in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in mid to late January (Jan 18th-24th).

Please contact if you are interested in participating.


Disability Rights Center – New Hampshire is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers for people with disabilities across New Hampshire. DRC is the federally designated protection and advocacy agency for New Hampshire and has authority under federal law to conduct investigations in cases of probable abuse or neglect.

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