Health and Financial Benefits (Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare)

The DRC assists individuals with Social Security, Medicaid and other benefits problems if the problem is related to the person's disability.


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3-31-11 DRC Flyer: Social Security Overpayments

2015: A medically fragile young man with significant disabilities was turning 21, and in the process of moving from child to adult services he stood to lose many hours of nursing services because the managed care organization wouldn’t pay for them. The man lived at home with his parents, and without the nursing services the parents would have trouble working or even sleeping, since he needed someone up with him at night. DRC represented him and filed an appeal, and the managed care organization decided he did need those services. With DRC’s intervention, he did not lose any hours of his nursing care.

2015: DRC represented an older woman with serious medical issues, including lymphedema, who lived on her own. She depended on home health aides for care through the Choices for Independence (CFI) Medicaid waiver. In addition to helping with daily living, the aides helped her wrap her legs to improve her circulation, something she was not able to do herself, and without which she risked losing her legs. She received a notice from the NH Department of Health and Human Services that she was no longer eligible for the CFI waiver. DRC represented her and eventually DHHS reversed its decision and she was able to keep the home health aides she relied upon.

2012: A Home Health Agency terminated Jenna’s (not her real name) nursing services despite her very significant disabilities, without any planning or alternatives in place.  When the agency would not comply with DRC’s request to reinstate services, DRC immediately filed in court and was able to get her services back while the case moved forward. This gave Jenna and her guardian, with the help of DRC, time to find alternative services with a provider that would provide her with better services AND more consideration and respect. The case ultimately settled out of court.


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