Area Agency Services

Area Agency Services

Children and young adults with a developmental disability or acquired brain disorder who are between the ages of zero and twenty-one might qualify for area agency services. Area agencies are private non-profit corporations, funded in large part through, and supervised by, the NH Department of Health and Human Services’ Bureau of Developmental Services. Area agencies provide programs and services for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

List of Area Agencies

If your child was denied area agency services, you are welcome to call and speak to a member of our intake team.

Family-Centered Early Supports and Services (FCESS)

Infants and children up to three years old

FCESS provides comprehensive evaluations and services for infants and young children with developmental disabilities, including autism.  Available services include developmental evaluations, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special instruction, service coordination, parent teaching and assistance with a child’s transition to pre-school services.

In-Home Supports Waiver (IHSW) For Children with Developmental Disabilities

The IHSW provides a variety of services including: personal care, consultation, environmental and vehicle modifications, family support, services coordination and respite care for Medicaid-eligible children with developmental disabilities, including autism, up to twenty-one years of age.

Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Children with developmental disabilities may also be eligible for additional home and community-based supports and services that are not the legal responsibility of the local school district, the NH Division of Children, Youth and Families or another state agency.

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Contact us if you have specific questions or concerns regarding the area agency system or if you wish to speak with an attorney about a disability-related legal issue.

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