What is Graphic Recording?

What is Graphic Recording?

People learn and communicate in different ways. Some may want to use a worksheet or template (see page 5 – Charting the LifeCourse graphic) as a guide when developing their person-centered plan, while others might prefer to use graphics or make a collage. Since each plan is designed by—and in a way to best support­­—an individual, there is no right way to do it.  One new and interesting communication art form is something referred to as graphic recording or graphic facilitating.

Graphic recording involves taking conversations or presentations and translating them into pictures and text. Graphic recordings give a visual map of what has been discussed. The visual map can then be shared as the plan, or used to develop the final plan, depending on the preference of the person and their team.

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Various text and drawings in vibrant colors help to show a presentation on person-centered-planning.
A graphic recording of a presentation on
person-centered planning.


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