Remembering Jeff Dickinson

Remembering Jeff Dickinson

Jeff smiles as his golden haired service dog rests her front paws on his lap. Jeff is sitting in his large black wheelchair and Aspen, his service dog, is wearing a blue working vest.As a dedicated and unwavering disability rights advocate, Jeff Dickinson committed himself to supporting efforts that brought about positive impacts for the disability community and to New Hampshire as a whole. He questioned misconceptions about disability and encouraged the need for social justice in everything he did. Jeff’s ability to nurture strategic relationships and build coalitions to advance disability rights in New Hampshire was second to none.

With a calm demeaner and captivating presence, Jeff regularly engaged with legislators and decision-makers, sharing his own lived experiences to highlight the importance of the legislative work that was taking place. Using his well-versed knowledge of local, national, and international issues, Jeff’s conversations were meaningful, timely, and significant.

Jeff served as the Director of Advocacy for Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) for several years and was a member of the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities (NHCDD). He actively pursued and developed important relationships throughout the state, always remembering that his dedication to the disabilities community helped to amplify the voices of those who may not otherwise be heard. Everyone who knew Jeff respected his input and expertise.

Jeff will be greatly missed. The impact of his steadfastness, kindness, and determination inspired many to carry on his legacy of advocating for inclusion and his disability justice work.

DRC-NH, in collaboration with the UNH Institute on Disability and the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities, distribute a quarterly RAP sheet to educate community members and policy makers about the latest research, policy, practice, and advocacy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families.


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