In Memory of Denis Greenwood, NH advocate for recreation and education

In Memory of Denis Greenwood, NH advocate for recreation and education

Denis smiles as he stands holding the bridle of a large white horse in an indoor therapy riding ring. Denis Greenwood sadly passed away in November of 2023. This was another great loss for the disability advocate community in NH. He was an active member of People First of NH and the Self Advocacy Leadership Team (SALT) for many years. Throughout those years, he supported legislation and policies that helped remove barriers for disabled people and led to more inclusive communities.
Denis believed that individuals with lived experience of intellectual and developmental disabilities were life-long learners. He spent many years advocating for resources and educational opportunities to be provided to adults who did not have access to formal education as children. He worked alongside people with and without disabilities to further initiatives that strengthen civic engagement and disability rights.
He loved spending time with friends and family and always thought of including others in everything he did. He loved dancing, seeing live music, and camping, and was an avid participant in equine therapy. As a member of the NH Council on Developmental Disabilities, he was responsible for recognition of UpReach Therapeutic Equestrian Center as the recipient of the Smile Award for inclusive recreation.

Denis will be missed by many. He is celebrated for his contributions to advocacy in New Hampshire and for his lively spirit and friendship.

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