Friendship Survey

Spring 2020 Disability RAPP: The Intersection of Disability and Sexuality

Friendship Survey

Are friendships important to you?

What are the opportunities for, and barriers to,  meaningful relationships? Take this 15-minute survey and tell us what you think! 

Are friendships important to you? Take this survey!

The University of New Hampshire and Boston University Wheelock College are collaborating on a research study to improve our understanding of supporting and creating meaningful relationships among people with – and without – disabilities. If you would like to help us identify what works and what doesn’t, visit:

Word and PDF versions are available at this link.

Spring 2020 Disability RAPP: The Intersection of Disability and Sexuality


Welcome to the newly renamed and redesigned Disability RAPP. The themes explored in each issue, like this issues’ focus on the intersection of disability and sexuality, inform us and empower us to break barriers and challenge traditional ideas of what it means to live with a disability. We updated the Disability RAPP design to be more accessible in both its print and digital formats.

Certain content contains sensitive material which may not be appropriate for all readers.

DRC-NH, in collaboration with the UNH Institute on Disability and the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities, distribute a quarterly RAP sheet to educate community members and policy makers about the latest research, policy, practice, and advocacy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families.


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