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Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid Managed CareWhat is Medicaid Managed Care?
In a Medicaid managed care system, Medicaid recipients are provided health care coverage from a company under contract with the state.  Managed care companies, or MCOs agree to provide Medicaid benefits to recipients in exchange for a monthly payment from the state.  The State of New Hampshire has contracted with three MCOs  to provide health care coverage for most New Hampshire Medicaid recipients. The three companies are: NH Healthy Families, Meridian and Well Sense Health Plan.

Problems with Managed care? Read this: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS New Hampshire Medicaid Managed Care Health Plans: Your Right To Appeal Or File A Grievance, or call the Disabilities Rights Center at 1-800-834-1721 for more information about the grievance and appeal processes or for advice and/or representation in a Medicaid fair hearing.

You have the right to voice any concerns to New Hampshire Medicaid at any time. You may contact New Hampshire Medicaid Client Services by phone at 800-852-3345, ext 4344 or 603-271-4344.
You may also contact these individuals:

  • Lisabritt Solsky,  DHHS Deputy Medicaid Director: 271-9408
  • Marygaye Grizwin, DHHS Bureau Chief of Care Management Operations:271-9554
  • Patrick McGowan, DHHS Account Manager for NH Healthy Families: 271-9535
  • Donna Mombourquette, DHHS Account Manager for Well Sense: 271-9470
  • Laura Vincent Ford, DHHS Account Manager for Meridian: 271-9536

Link to the NH DHHS website for the NH Medicaid Managed Care program

The three managed care health plans are:





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last updated: April 16, 2014

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