Do you need legal advice or assistance?

If you wish to speak with an attorney about a disability-related legal issue, there are two ways to contact us. Call us at (800) 834-1721 or (603) 228-0432, or you can email us at Here is what you can expect when you contact us for information, advice, or legal assistance with a problem relating to your disability.

When you call the DRC, you will first speak to the receptionist. She will determine whether your issue is a matter for intake, or refer you to another organization for assistance. If you need an intake, the receptionist will get your contact information and ask you to briefly describe the problem you are having. She will schedule a telephone appointment with a member of the intake team within a few days.

When you have your intake appointment, the intake attorney may be able to answer your questions immediately. He or she will ask you for information about your legal problem and may ask you to send records or other information to our office, if they are necessary to fully understand your problem. She may refer you to other services or resources you may find helpful.

The intake team meets each week to discuss all intake calls. Your case may be assigned to one of the intake staff for follow up. You will receive a letter letting you know who will be contacting you. That advocate will contact you within one week to discuss your problem, obtain more information from you, and provide you with information and advice. This follow-up is not meant to be legal representation. It only means we will look into the matter to see if we can assist you. Sometimes, with your permission, we will be able to help you with your problem by providing short-term or brief assistance. If we agree to provide longer-term legal representation, you will be asked to sign a Retainer and Fee Agreement that will explain the scope of the DRC's representation and any fee for services. There is no charge for brief services or information and referral. If we provide more in-depth advocacy or legal representation, there may be a fee for our services. Please see the fee policy for more information on our sliding fee scale.

Most calls are for information, advice, or brief assistance. Some matters are too complicated and involved to resolve in this manner. If you want legal representation in such cases, the intake team will assess your case based on the seriousness of the matter, whether it is directly related to your disability, the DRC's priorities, and the merits of your case. Given our limited resources, our legal staff cannot take all cases. If we are unable to assist you, we will attempt to refer you to other sources of legal representation.

What if you need a reasonable accommodation to access and use DRC’s advocacy and other services?

group of people meetingTo request a reasonable accommodation from DRC or learn more about DRC’s reasonable accommodations policies, contact DRC’s Section 504/ADA compliance coordinator, Attorney Lynne Clay by phone at 800-834-1721, by email at, or fax at 603-225-2077

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DRC Grievance Policy and Procedures


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