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Long Term Care in New Hampshire

Long Term Care in New Hampshire

DRC attorneys Cindy Robertson and Rebecca Whitley discuss New Hampshire's long term care system, including the Choices for Independence (HCBC-CFI; HCBC-ECI) and Money Follows the Person programs.

 Long Term Care in New Hampshire: A Community Provider Perspective

Our guest is Carolyn Virtue, owner of Heritage Case Management Transitions Program, a community provider that works to ensure successful transitions to the community from nursing facilities. Ms. Virtue discusses some of the issues that have lessened the success of the federally funded programs to offer community options for people living in nursing facilities who would like to return to community living.


Long Term Care in New Hampshire: Let Me Go Home

Our guest is Michelle Schladenhauffen, nursing home resident, who was admitted to a nursing home three years ago and has been fighting to return to her community ever since.


updated July 20, 2017