In Memoriam

Jocelyn Marie Curtin

Jocelyn Marie Curtin, daughter of Marlyn and John Curtin, passed away peacefully on November 19,

2018 at the age of 40.  For New Hampshire advocates, Jocelyn was a pivotal figure.  Marlyn, who graduated from the New Hampshire Leadership Series in 1988, widely shared her daughter’s story.  Through Marlyn’s connection with the Institute on Disability-UNH, hundreds of educators and school administrators have been inspired by Jocelyn and her family’s example of creating a full life in the community.

As Jocelyn got older, she began to tell her own story.  Using a communication device, Jocelyn co-taught the courses “Facilitating Friendships” with Dr. Cheryl Jorgensen and “Teaching Exceptional Learners” with Susan Shapiro.  Her presence in the classroom and her story influenced so many UNH students as they prepared for their careers.  Jocelyn also was the highlight in the IOD film Voices of Friendship, which is still being used to teach the value of providing opportunities for real friendships.

Thank you Jocelyn Curtin for being a shining example for inclusive education and full community lives.  Within our state and beyond, we are in debt for the lessons that you have taught us.  We are grateful to the Curtin family who in their time of loss have generously directed memorial funds to the New Hampshire Leadership Series. To make a donation –

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