New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities

The NHCDD would like to thank all of the stakeholders and community members who participated in the development of our next five-year plan. Your input has been very valuable in helping the DD Council determine the direction of our work in advocating and supporting fully inclusive community living for all of the people of New Hampshire.

Proposed 2021-2026 State Plan

The New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities (NHCDD) develops and follows a State Plan every five years to establish specific goals, objectives, and strategies to address the most important issues affecting people with developmental disabilities in New Hampshire. In the next five years, the Council plans to focus primarily on Quality of Life and Advocacy and Training, with the goal always being to remove barriers and promote opportunities in all areas of life for people with developmental disabilities.

To achieve our goals, we will be developing workgroups in the following areas

Workgroups are open to individuals who experience developmental disabilities, their families, caregivers, and other stakeholders.
If you are interested in participating in a workgroup, please contact the group leaders or Vanessa Blais at 603-271-7040.

DRC-NH, in collaboration with the UNH Institute on Disability and the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities, distribute a quarterly RAP sheet to educate community members and policy makers about the latest research, policy, practice, and advocacy issues affecting individuals with disabilities and their families.


Latest RAP Sheet