Priorities 2018-2019

DRC-NH Statement of Goals and Priorities 2018-2019

Disability Rights Center – NH is dedicated to eliminating barriers faced by people with disabilities as they exercise their civil and legal rights. This year, we provided legal advice or representation to almost 600 people with disabilities across the state in areas like special education, accessibility, employment discrimination, home and community-based services and Medicaid.

We also work on systemic issues via litigation, investigations, monitoring and other policy change efforts, which are all focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities across New Hampshire. However, each year, we face difficult decisions on how to allocate limited resources to address the most critical issues facing people with disabilities across the state.

All callers to DRC-NH with disability-related issues that fall within DRC-NH’s broad priorities have access to an attorney for consultation and referral during an initial meeting via telephone or in person, but further legal help is often limited.

Case Acceptance Guidelines
In accepting cases for representation, DRC-NH will consider the following guidelines:

  • Does the individual meet eligibility criteria?
  • Does the case have legal merit?
  • Do we have the capacity, funding and expertise to provide quality representation?
  • Does the case fit within our priorities?
  • What is the likelihood that our advocacy would make a positive difference to people with disabilities?
  • Would our advocacy result in services being provided in a more integrated setting?

Coming Soon: 2019-2020 Priorities Survey