Phenix Hall Presser

Plaintiffs Reach Settlement with Concord Arts & Crafts, one of the Parties in the Phenix Hall Lawsuit

Contact Persons: Cindy Robertson, Esq. or Aaron Ginsberg, Esq., 228-0432

The Plaintiffs, represented by the Disabilities Rights Center (DRC), and the Defendant, Concord Arts and Crafts, which operates the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen retail outlet, have reached a settlement in the Phenix Hall law suit.  The League’s retail outlet is a tenant in one of the Phenix Hall storefronts, located in downtown Concord.

The law suit was filed in September 2011after the front of Phenix Hall was renovated.  The suit was triggered by the failure to comply with the accessibility requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The three plaintiffs, who are residents of Concord or Bow, are all wheelchair users.

The Federal Court was notified of the settlement on August 7, 2012. The suit remains pending against the building owner, the Ciborowski Family Trust, and Bagel Works, another tenant of the building.

Concord Arts and Crafts and its board of directors are fully supportive of the purpose and goal of integrating individuals with disabilities into the community including access to all businesses.  The settlement reached reflects Arts and Crafts specific support for the Plaintiffs’ efforts to make Phenix Hall accessible for people with physical disabilities. These efforts include several plans for accessibility involving altering the sidewalk in front of the building which does not affect the retail space of any of the stores.

“The Plaintiffs and DRC greatly appreciate and value the support of Arts and Crafts in this accessibility effort” said Richard Cohen, Executive Director of the Disabilities Rights Center.  “This settlement is a positive step toward enabling all people to fully enjoy the value of the League’s craftsmanship, as well as being beneficial for the Concord business community.”