Executive Order 2005-03

State of New Hampshire

By His Excellency

John H. Lynch, Governor


An Order Establishing A Commission to Study Area Agencies And Their Role in Providing Services to New Hampshire

WHEREAS, the comprehensive service delivery system for developmentally disabled persons (the 12 Area Agencies) that provide services and support for people with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorder have cooperated for nearly 25 years to make the developmental services system a model for the nation; and

WHEREAS, any restructuring of our developmental disabilities system must be addressed in a comprehensive and methodical manner; and

WHEREAS, a thorough examination of the operation of New Hampshire’s 12 Area Agencies is necessary to identify administrative, operational, and cost efficiencies which may be available for adoption either through private action on the part of such agencies themselves, through state action by rule or statute, or through a combination thereof.

NOW, THEREFORE, I JOHN H. LYNCH, Governor of the State of New Hampshire, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by Part II, Article 41 of the New Hampshire Constitution, do hereby order, effective immediately:

1. The establishment of a commission to study the 12 Area Agencies that

administer programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorder. The commission shall conduct a broad examination of New Hampshire’s 12 Area Agencies.

2. The commission shall identify the essential operations and delivery systems

of the 12 area agencies and shall also identify ways in which such agencies may operate more efficiently and cost effectively without compromising the services provided by such agencies.

3. The members of the commission shall consist of one member of the senate,

appointed by the president of the senate; one member of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker of the house; the commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, or designee; one representative of the New Hampshire Developmental Disabilities Council, nominated by the council and appointed by the Governor; two representatives of area agencies, nominated by the Community Support Network, Inc. and appointed by the Governor; two public members representing persons with developmental disabilities and acquired brain disorder and their families served by the area agencies nominated by the statewide family support council and appointed by the Governor; a representative of the Disabilities Rights Center, appointed by the Governor; two members of the public appointed by the Governor; and two representatives of the business community, neither of whom shall have any affiliations or interests in developmental disabilities, appointed by the Governor.

4. The Governor shall appoint the chair from among the members of the

commission. The first meeting of the commission shall be called by the chair and shall be held within 30 days of the time of this order. Eight members of the commission shall constitute a quorum.

5. The commission shall report its findings and any recommendations for

proposed legislation or rules changes to the Governor on or before November 1, 2005.

Given under my hand and seal at the

Executive Chambers in Concord, this

6th of July, in the year two thousand and five.


Governor of New Hampshire