PABRP/Representative Payee Program

PABRP Goals and Priorities: October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021

DRC-NH receives PABRP funding to review agency or individual representative payees of Social Security Beneficiaries and advocate as needed. DRC-NH helps with disability related legal issues in the priority areas outlined below.

Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries with Representative Payees (PABRP/Rep Payee) Program

Complete reviews of Representative Payees on behalf of the Social Security Administration as outlined in the Business Process Document. The scope of work will include reviews of:

  • Individual Payees
  • Organizational Payees
  • Fee-for-Service Organizations
  • State Mental Institutions
  • Quick Response Check – Misuse Not Alleged
  • Quick Response Check – Misuse Alleged
  • P&A Initiated Reviews

Complete required:

  • Educational Visits
  • Plans of Correction 

Educate stakeholders on the Representative Payee program. Encourage reports of Representative Payees who are not acting in the best interest of the beneficiary. 

Provide limited training to Representative Payees as required 

Provide legal or other assistance to beneficiaries as resources allow