Governor's Commission Report Pursuant to Executive Order 2005-03 of Governor John H. Lynch

Appendix A – Executive Order
Appendix B – List of Commission Members
Appendix C – List of Documents Reviewed
Appendix D – Renewing the Vision
Appendix E – Excerpts of Standards or Rights Governing Services From State Statutes or Regulations
Appendix F – BDS Director 2006 Budget Breakdown
Appendix G – BDS Director Budget Increases 1989-2006
Appendix H – Comparative National and State Data Vacancy and Turnover Rate
Appendix I – Comparative Employment Data
Appendix J – Further Comments on the Education and Interagency Issue
Appendix K – Wait List Chart
Appendix K.1 – DDS Contract Outcome Measures on AAs
Appendix L – RSA 186-C: 7 Interagency Agreement for Special Education
Appendix M – Interagency Agreement Between DOE and DHHS
Appendix N – SB 101 Majority and Minority Reports
Appendix O – Individuals with Developmental Disabilities at New Hampshire Hospital
Appendix P – Two Case Studies from Disabilities Rights Center
Appendix Q – RSA 193-E:3 Delivery of An Adequate Education and RSA 196-H:2 Statewide Performance Targets
Appendix R – Additional Comments Relative to:
• Family and Individual Control Model Recommendation
• Sole Provider Issue
• IT, Quality Assurance, and Standardization of Certain Functions
• Comprehensive Electronic Resource Directory and Navigator

Appendix S – Description of the Merger Subcommittee Process


updated July 20, 2017