Do you live, work, or have a loved one in a facility?

We need to hear from you about how institutions throughout the state (nursing homes, group homes, hosiptals, residential schools, and other facilities serving children or adults) are managing the impact of COVID-19:

  • Are staff being careful to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer?  Are they practicing social distancing (6 feet away) when possible?
  • Are they wearing protective gear when caring for someone who is ill?
  • Are there are staffing shortages at the facility?
  • Do you have access to medications, food, and other necessary items?
  • Do you have ways to communicate with friends, family and others, even if in-person visiting is limited?
  • Are you being abused or neglected, including extreme isolation, lack of human contact, and/or over–medicated?

To report issues, click here.

To report abuse or neglect of a person with a disability, contact Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services or local law enforcement. To report abuse or neglect of a child, contact Child Protective Services or local law enforcement.

To speak to a DRC-NH attorney about a legal issue, please call us at 603-228-0432 or fill out the form here Choose “Speak to an Attorney/Schedule an Intake” and we will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.

  • Please note that we may not follow up with you directly and we may not be able to inform you whether any further action is taken by DRC-NH in response to this report, but  we are following up with the institution and taking action as much as we can.


Disability Rights Center – New Hampshire is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating barriers for people with disabilities across New Hampshire. DRC is the federally designated protection and advocacy agency for New Hampshire and has authority under federal law to conduct investigations in cases of probable abuse or neglect.

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