Voting and Civic Involvement: the issues for people with disabilities

This is the first in a series about voting and getting involved in government. People with disabilities are less likely to vote than the general population; they are more likely to feel disempowered. We’d like to see that change. You CAN get involved and make a difference. In this show we take a look at what’s at stake for people with disabilities. What are the issues people with disabilities care about? Our guests are Damien Licata, Executive Director, Granite State Monarchs and Chair of the NH Mental Health Consumer Council , and Linda Quintanilha, ABLE-NH member and Monadnock Developmental Services Legislative Liaison and Family Council Member.

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Personas con Discapacidad Tienen Acceso a la Vacuna del COVID-19

Personas con discapacidad tienen derecho a acceder a la vacuna del COVID-19. En la mayoría de los casos si desea recibir la vacuna, usted puede hacerlo. Nadie puede evitar que usted obtenga la vacuna solo porque tiene una discapacidad o porque necesita ayuda extra. Si usted tiene una discapacidad y esta teniendo problemas accediendo a la vacuna, visite o llámenos al (603) 228-0432.

People With Disabilities Can Access the COVID-19 Vaccine

People with disabilities have the right to access the Covid-19 vaccine. In most cases, if you want to get the vaccine, you can. No one can keep you from getting it just because you have a disability or need extra help. If you have a disability and are having trouble accessing the vaccine in NH, go to or call us at (603) 228-0432 for assistance.