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The restaurants below have been reviewed by you, the diners, for accessibility for people with disabilities. Don't see a restaurant on the list? Be the first to rate it! See something incorrect or out of date? Tell us. Happy dining!

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Amherst back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Black Forest Cafe
212 Route 101

Parking and entrance are good except that the inner and outer doors open with little space in between, making it difficult to get in without help. Tables are easy to get close to. The accessible bathroom is in the bakery and is not the best setup but there is room. Otherwise friendly and accommodating.

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
John's Cackle & Buzz Restaurant
14 South Main Street
NOTurkey The entrance has steps and the bathrooms are inaccessible.

Barrington back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Good and Plenty
157 Route 125
??Maybe?? Parking and entry were accessible, with a walkway to get to the front door. Entry and bathroom were too small for a scooter, but unclear for a wheelchair. Price was right and service was good.
Sugar Shack
314 Route 4


Our rater found this restaurant accessible except for the bathrooms. Apparently the men's room had no door.

Bedford back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Chen Yang Li
124 S. River Road

Short, steep ramp at entrance; one door with small threshold; Three floors but only one is reachable with wheelchair. Multi-stall HC accessible bathroom is a little tight.
Outback Steakhouse
955 River Road
??Maybe?? Accessible parking. Entrance has double doors that were opened by attentive staff. Parts of the restaurant are not accessible due to bar/smoking section seating on a raised platform with high tables. Ladies room accessible, men's room not checked BUT path of travel to men's room was blocked by child high chairs and other obstacles. Braille menu available. The rater called in advance and let the restaurant know he was coming in a wheelchair, but nevertheless, the staff were unaware of this and there was a long delay while waiting for a table. The rater did get an apology and a voucher for his next visit. Despite the problems, the rater recommends the restaurant.
Taipei & Tokyo Restaurant
7 Colby Court


This restaurant is accessible but with a couple of inconveniences. It's located in a shopping center (so far so good), but with no accessible parking in front of the restaurant, and no curb cut for the full length of the curb in front of the store. Entrance had a high threshold and an inconvenient double door. Bathroom was also judged inconvenient. But the food was excellent. 5-10

Bennington back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Alberto's Italian Restaurant
79 Antrim Road


This place is an old mansion that was turned into a restaurant. And it's fully accessible! The menu was even in large print. The service was good too! 8-12

Berlin back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Tea Birds Cafe
151 Main Street


UPDATE 11-2010: Tea Birds contacted us to say they have moved to a new location - 151 Main Street - with parking in thr rear and accessible entrances and bathrooms. They also noted their decor is funky AND eclectic. Check it out!
OLD REVIEW: Parking is on Main Street, and the "accessible" spaces are not too accessible or near the restaurant. Entrance and interior are accessible. Atmosphere is funky. Rest rooms are very small and not accessible with a wheelchair.

Boscawen back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Alan's of Boscawen
133 N. Main Street
NOTurkey Entrance is difficult in a wheelchair, and interior is cramped. Bathrooms inaccessible.
Kapelli's Pizzeria
203 King Street (Route 3)
YESWaiter There is plenty of space in this level parking lot, though the markings are not up to code. Entrance is accessible. Interior has booths and tables. Ladies' room is "one of the most accessible I've ever seen and attractive too." Accommodations and attitudes are excellent, service exceptional, food is good.

Bristol back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Bristol Diner
33 South Main Street
NOTurkey You can't get in with a wheelchair. 4-11
Homestead Restaurant
Route 104
NOTurkey Parking was judged to be average, with two accessible spaces but none for a van. Steps into the restaurant make it inaccessible. Likewise, bathrooms are up three steps, so inaccessible.

Village Pizza
Route 3A

NO Turkey

Steps. You can't get in with a wheelchair.

Canaan back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Canaan Village Pizza
Route 4
Canaan, NH 03741
NOTurkey The parking lot was judged to be "pretty good", however it's not clear what that means. The entrance was judged to be inconvenient, but "a wheelchair would have a harder time getting out". We're not sure what that means either. The bathroom was also judged inconvenient, and possibly not usable for someone in a chair. Can anyone clarify? 4-2012
Dishin' It Out
Route 4
NOTurkey The parking lot is mostly gravel, with some tar around the entryway, but no marked accessible parking. Entrance was inaccessible, as was the bathroom. 7-2011

Candia back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Pasquales Ristorante
Route 27 East
YESWaiter There is accessible parking right in front, a flat entranceway and threshold. The floor plan is open, with hard packed carpet. There is an upper level of the restaurant accessible through an outside route. All tables are easy to get close to. Single person bathrooms accessible on both levels.

Chichester back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
The Weathervane
Route 4
NOTurkey Alas, this otherwise accessible restaurant has inaccessible bathrooms. The stalls are not wide enough to maneuver a wheelchair. We cannot recommend it.

Concord back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
99 Restaurant
60 Diamante Drive
YESWaiter This restaurant is accessible except it has too many booths and not enough tables. Therefore, seating was limited and made the experience less enjoyable than it could have been.
Angelina's Ristorante
11 Depot Street
NOTurkey No parking nearby. Entrance is accessible but interior is small and tight, and bathrooms are inaccessible. Not the best choice.
260 Loudon Road


Accessible parking. The interior design made it difficult to navigate in a manual chair. There is limited accessible seating (too many booths). Management was accommodating when a table was requested. Restrooms were accessible. The overall experience was less than fun due to the seating limitations.
42 N. Main Street

NO Turkey

The entry is inaccessible due to steps: you can't get in. It's a shame Bagelworks is still inaccessible, given the general friendliness of the community-minded owner. But if you can't get in, you can't get in.
12-10 update: This building underwent renovations and is STILL inaccessible. Read about it here:
December 26, 2010, Concord Monitor opinion by Betsy McNamara: Out of sight, out of mind: When a city is not accessible, those with disabilities are invisible
December 19, 2010, Concord Monitor: Advocates, landlord spar over access, Phenix Hall work not ADA compliant

Barley House
132 N. Main Street
NOTurkey Parking is on Main Street. The main entrance is inaccessible due to steps. The accessible entrance requires you to ring a bell and have the door unlocked. When I visited, there was a pile of chairs blocking the "accessible" entrance. Bathrooms are accessible if you get that far.
Bread & Chocolate
29 S. Main Street
NOTurkey April 2015 update: Bread and Chocolate used to be accessible through a ramp leading in from Gibson's bookstore. Now Gibson's has moved and the entrance is no longer accessible.
Brown Bag Deli
Main Street
NOTurkey Entrance has steps. End of story.

84 N. Main Street

YESWaiter Entrance is accessible. Parking is on Main Street. Tables not booths. Bathrooms are accessible.
Capitol Deli
2 Capitol Plaza


Entrance is accessible. It's a small place and a tight fit though. Bathrooms are accessible.
17 Depot Street
??Maybe?? Depot Street is on a hill, so you'd probably want to park on Storrs Street at the bottom of the hill, and wheel your way up the sidewalk to the curb cut. It's a pretty steep hill. The curb cut has been recently fixed and is now accessible. Interior is multilevel, you won't be able to get to all parts of the restaurant. Outdoor seating is lovely but seats are affixed to tables, which are close together: you're not likely to be comfortable outside. Bathrooms are accessible.
The Common Man
25 Water Street
YESWaiter The Common Man has accessible parking and entry. The entryway is a little tight, but a valet is usually there to open the door. Roomy dining rooms, elevator to second floor. Downstairs bathrooms are accessible, but not upstairs. 1-3-08 Update: On a recent visit the elevator was not functioning properly. The party was seated at a function room upstairs. It took 20 minutes to get the elevator working.
Constantly Pizza
39 S. Main Street
YESWaiter Parking is on Main Street. The entrance is a little problematic, with a ramped paved area up to the door: a little steep, no railing but probably doable. Interior is accessible, as are the bathrooms.

202 N. Main Street

YESWaiter Fully accessible. Since this is a takeout only restaurant, bathrooms were n/a.
The Draft Sports Bar and Grill
67 South Main Street
NOTurkey Inaccessible. The main entrance is up a flight of stairs. There appears to be an accessible door on the ground floor, but alas, it was locked. Assuming one could get in the door, it leads to a single section, with the rest of the establishment upstairs, including the rest rooms. Being a sports bar, it was extremely noisy and hard to hear. 1-9-08
Dragon Star Chinese Restaurant
75 S. Main Street
YESWaiter Fully accessible take-out place.
Eagle Square Deli
5 Eagle Square

Parking is on Main Street and not terribly close. The entrance is not level with abrupt changes as one enters. Interior is tight. Bathrooms were not checked.
203 N. Main Street
YESWaiter Fully accessible

Hermano's Cocina Mexicana
11 Hills Avenue



Accessible parking consists of one space behind and uphill from the building. There is a separate accessible entrance. Inside, the first floor is maneuverable but the second floor, where the music happens, is inaccessible. Our rater uses pointing to make her menu choices, and the staff are accommodating and take extra time for her. Bathrooms are accessible. "Food is wonderful and services excellent". The music probably was too, but our rater couldn't get there.
House of India
6 Pleasant Street
YESWaiter Parking is on-street. Entrance is flat and accessible. The inside is tight with some sharp turns but do-able. Tables are accessible. Big bathrooms.
In a Pinch Cafe and Bakery
146 Pleasant Street

In a Pinch is accessible but inconvenient. Parking was judged as "inconvenient", and the entrance, up a flight of stairs, has a lift. Interior is very tight, bathrooms are also inconvenient. The service, however, was very accommodating and the food was delicious. In a Pinch has a second location, on Pillsbury Street, that is much more accessible.
Longhorn Steakhouse
217 Loudon Road
YESWaiter Fully Accessible
Margarita's Mexican Restaurant
1 Bicentennial Square
NOTurkey This place is loaded with levels and steps, including into the main entrance. There is a separate, inconvenient entrance. Interior is tight. There are accessible tables outside. Parking is on-street.
Moritomo Japanese Steak and Sushi
32 Fort Eddy Road

Moritomo's is located in the Fort Eddy Plaza. There is accessible parking spot near the restaurant, but only one space is correctly marked. No access aisles, but spaces are very wide. On the day our raters went, the accessible spaces had snow covering the pavement-level signs and were all occupied. Entrance was accessible, as were the bathrooms. Stuff was stored in the bathroom hallway, making it a little tight. Only a small portion of the seating is accessible. Tatami rooms are not. Grill tables are hard to get close to. Most tables are in the back and scrunched together, making it hard to get by or to the bathrooms. Food and services, however, were excellent, and wait staff were attentive. You might want to call ahead to get one of the two tables in front.

317 Loudon Road

YESWaiter Fully accessible. A ramp inside gets you to the upper level. Food and service was judged "excellent" and the manager was attentive. 8-11

Olive Garden
219 Loudon Road

YESWaiter Fully accessible.
Outback Steakhouse
22 Loudon Road
YESWaiter Accessible restaurant. High stools at the bar: aren't they all?
Pizzaria Uno's
15 Fort Eddy Road
Concord, NH
YESWaiter Fully accessible.
Red Blazer
72 Manchester Street
YESWaiter Parking has no signs marking the accessible spots except on the pavement: these get lost in the snow. Interior is accessible except for the bar area. When checked, accessible women's room sink was not working.
Ruby Tuesday
327 Loudon Road
NO Turkey 5-25-2007: Doors at entrance were very heavy and no assistance was provided. Tables were very close together, making maneuvering difficult. Bathrooms were a tight fit. The food was judged to be not too good. Parking was accessible.
Sal's Just Pizza
80 Storrs Street
YESWaiter Fully accessible.
Siam Orchid
158 North Main Street
Maybe? April 2015 update: Siam Orchid has moved to a new location. Who wants to go check it out?
North Main Street
YESWaiter Parking is on Main Street, which does have some designated accessible spaces. Entrance is accessible, though doors are a little heavy. Bathrooms are accessible. All tables, no booths.
TGI Fridays
221 Loudon Road
YESWaiter Our rater gave TGI Fridays an across-the-board thumbs up. There was ample parking for cars and vans, wide doors at the entry, and an accessible interior with both booths and tables. "The seating is great for a wheelchair." Restrooms were accessible with clear paths and large stalls. Staff were very helpful.

Contoocook back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
The Covered Bridge Restaurant
16 Cedar Street

YES Waiter
Our rater judged the Covered Bridge Restaurant to be fully accessible with the exception of parking. There is a small parking lot with no accessible parking space, but this was not a problem for him because there was plenty of on-street parking. The food was great.

Derry back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
14 Manchester Road



Accessible parking is to the left of the front entrance. Entrance is accessible though doors are a bit heavy. Spacious interior, with tables and booths. Some high stools at bar. Ladies room is accessible; men's room not checked. They sat the rater in a booth rather than a table and then tried to remove her chair because it stuck out! Be sure to ask for a table!
La Carreta
35 Manchester Road
Derry Meadows Plaza
YESWaiter Parking is easily accessible, properly marked, and right in front of the restaurant. Doors are light and easy to open. There are two sets, but plenty of room to maneuver. Inside, the host and staff move things around so you can access the tables easily. There are sections that are upstairs, but there is also plenty of seating on the first level. Overall, a good place to eat.

45 Crystal Ave.


8-7-2007 Update:We took a trip to MacDonald's to speak with the manager about the access issues. We were pleasantly surprised to find some improvements in the parking, which now includes a van-accessible spot near an unlocked door. The entryway was still awkward and our rater could not enter without assistance. Seating has been upgraded so that now there are some tables accessible and comfortable from a wheelchair. Bathrooms were still awkward, stall would require leaving the door open for a transfer, and sink was hard to get to. The manager seemed very interested in making changes and agreed to follow up on several suggestions for improvement. The big news is MacDonald's plans to tear down the building and start over from scratch in January or February. That ought to take care of the access issues.

5-25-2007: The accessible entrance near the accessible parking is frequently locked. One family was unable to get in and had to eat in their vehicle. This McDonald's was notified it had a problem six months ago, and has failed to correct the problem. Feedback from prior visits: The fixed seating makes it hard to accommodate a wheelchair. The restroom was inaccessible.

Thai Chef
35 Manchester Road
YESWaiter Building is new, parking and ramps are great. spacious layout, hard packed carpet. Restrooms were not checked. Great management attitude, great food.
39 Crystal Avenue
YESWaiter Parking is right outside the front door and properly marked. Flat entrance, couldn't be easier. Restroom has an accessible stall, but it has a baby changing station in it. Staff were pleasant and it was easy to get around on crutches. Nice, accessible restaurant. Our rater recommends it!

Dover back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Central Avenue
NOTurkey Entry was difficult due to two entries and no automatic doors. There is not enough room between the outer opened door and the curb to maneuver a wheelchair without risk of falling off the curb. Curb cuts were also narrow. Interior access was average, and restrooms were not checked. Temperature was set too cold in the restaurant and quality of food was unacceptable. There are better choices in Dover.

431 Dover Point Road
Dover, NH 03820


Rating #2: Our rater found this restaurant to be accessible with some inconvenience when it came to opening doors. She needed assistance to open the front door, and found the restroom doors were "just barely movable". She found the food to be "only OK". 1-4-08
Rating #1 Our rater found Newick's to be above average in all departments, except for the restrooms, which were rated as average. Hungry, anyone?

Pizza Hut
915 Central Avenue



Accessible parking and inside access were judged to be average. Our rater had problems getting into the restaurant due to the lack of automatic door openers. Management suggested calling ahead to have someone open the door for her. Restrooms were not checked. Wait staff were friendly and some are long time employees.
Update: Pizza Hut has now installed a doorbell so you can get help opening the door.

Strafford Farms Restaurant
Route 108
YES Waiter There is parking for an accessible van. Our rater was able to get into the restaurant using a large scooter, and inside access was great. It doesn't appear there are braille menus. Men's restroom was difficult with the scooter: the women's restroom is more accessible. Food was good too!
Weeksie's Pizzeria
66 3rd Street
??Maybe?? Parking was not good at Weeksie's for unspecified reasons, and the ramp at the entrance has a lip at each end that was hard to negotiate. Once inside, our rater found the interior and restrooms fully accessible, and she enjoyed her dining experience. 4-08

Durham back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Durham House of Pizza and JP's Eatery
38 & 40 Main Street


YES Waiter

These two restaurants are connected.
Accessible parking is available on Main Street, but the number of spaces are limited. There is a parking lot across the street though.
Entrance doesn't have automatic doors, but ordering counters face the door so it's easy to flag someone down, and doors are left open during nice weather (we do have that occasionally in New Hampshire). Interior is a little cramped, tables are small and close together, but you can pull up to them, and there are tables outside in nice weather. Restrooms are accessible though on the small side.
Pizza and subs: good food, decent price, "a good place to eat with friends".
Pauly's Pocket
51 Main Street

YES Waiter

Parking: Fully accessible "parking is available on Main Street directly outside of Young's, but parking spaces are limited. One might have to use the parking lot across the street, but it is less than 100 meters across the street".
Getting into the restaurant: "There is a concrete ramp a few feet to the right of the building, but the incline is very steep. My powerchair had no trouble with it, but a person using a manual chair might. No automatic door, but the counter faces the door, so I'm sure you could flag someone down."
Inside Access: Average. "The place is not very large, about the size of a subway, but there is easily enough room for a chair to move around in. I was able to pull up to a table."
Restrooms: "No accessible bathroom available, but in the defense of the restaurant, its not the type of restaurant that you stay at for very long, its basically a greek subway."
Accommodations: Above Average: "The restaurant is about as accommodating as it can be for its size, the staff seemed very personable, and would definitely read you whats on the menu, allow a service dog, etc. Relaxed environment. Counter was high, but they brought my sandwich around front so I wouldn't have to reach."
Overall Experience: Above Average: "I enjoyed it! This place has the best Greek sandwiches I have ever tasted. The food easily makes up in the ares where it lacks in accessibility."
Wildcat Pizza
3 Madbury Road
NOTurkey Steps. Our rater could not get in. Boo on Wildcat Pizza.
Wings Your Way
13 Jenkins Court
(but probably not)
Wings Your Way was rated by a student without a walking disability so take this rating with a grain of salt and let us know if you have additional comments. Parking is nearby and "can be accessible". Entrance included "very narrow passages, bumps to get into the store, small space in store". Interior had "good lanes for power chair or wheelchair, some steps in eating area for other tables". Restroom probably not accessible. "The food was OK, service was below average but it didn't seem like a disability friendly store."
Young's Restaurant & Coffee Shop
48 Main Street

YES Waiter

Parking: Fully accessible "parking is available on Main Street directly outside of Young's, but parking spaces are limited. One might have to use the parking lot across the street, but it is less than 100 meters across the street".
Getting in: Fully Accessible. "I had no problem getting into the restaurant. The front entrance has a small set of stairs with a nice built-in ramp on the side. There is no automatic door, but the hostess station is right near the door."
Inside Access: Inconvenient but doable. "It was not a huge deal getting around this restaurant with my wheelchair, but it could be better. It was a little difficult to find a place where I could pull up to a table and not be out in the aisle or be in someone's way, but with some correct placing it can be done. I was also able to pull my chair up under a table, which surprised me because that rarely happens."
Restrooms are fully accessible.
Other accommodations: "When inquiring the waitress about accommodations, such as reading the menu to a disabled patron, she said they do provide accommodations as such, but not being able to see it first hand, I cannot validate the statement. Judging from their 'handicap friendly atmosphere', I'm sure they would have no problems with specific accommodations."
Finally, our rater recommends the Eggs Benedict and adds that on Tuesday mornings you can get two breakfasts for the price of one.
An enjoyable place to dine!

Enfield back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Mickey's Roadside Cafe
300 US Route 4

YESWaiter Parking was judged to be "good", with a note that they are adding more accessible spaces. Entrance was accessible although an automatic door opener would be a nice addition. Interior and bathrooms were "super accessible". The bathrooms had grab bars and plenty of turning radius, AND were very clean. Our rater liked this place.
August 2011

Errol back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Northern Exposure
12 Main Street
NOTurkey This place rates a big NO. Not accessible all the way around.
25 Main Street
Citgo C-Store
YESWaiter Subway may be the only accessible restaurant in Errol.

Fitzwilliam back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Flip-Side Grille
10 Nh Rt 12 S

YESWaiter Our rater enjoyed this place, the server was really friendly and they make good omelettes. Parking was accessible but the pavement was slightly slanted. The entry was not its strong point, only one of two is accessible, and half the restaurant is on a different level with no ramp. Tables were easy to roll under. The menu was easy to handle. 3-2016

Gilford back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Lyons Den Restaurant and Tavern
25 Dock Road
YES Waiter

Note: This review is old. It may no longer be accurate. If you go here, let us know how it is!

No marked accessible parking in the small, flat dirt parking lot. Entrance and interior are accessible, though tables may be a little close. One unisex accessible and roomy bathroom.

Greenville back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Panda Wok
1 Dunster Avenue

YES Waiter There is one van-accessible space right next to the ramp to the front door. Entrance is accessible, with a well-built ramp and wide-opening double doors. Attentive staff see you coming and offer assistance. Interior is roomy with lots of maneuvering room in aisles and around tables. The accessible bathroom is accessible and locked, but "the staff is happy to help, and always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate special requests." "Friendly people, some of the best Chinese food in New Hampshire at amazingly low prices. Worth a trip to this off-the-beaten track small southern NH town."

Hampton and North Hampton back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
69 Lafayette Road
North Hampton
NO Turkey Parking lot was bumpy with no handicapped parking. Entrance doors had little turning room. Floor plan was very tight. The bathroom was inaccessible. Don't go here!

Henniker back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Country Spirit Restaurant
68 Maple Street

You can get into this place, but you can't go to the bathroom.

32 Main Street

NOTurkey Way too many steps. The only way you will have "good memories by the river" is if you enjoy being carried down a long flight of stairs. Don't even consider eating here if you have mobility issues.
Intervale Farms Pancake House
43 Flanders Road


1-28-2011 Update: The Pancake House reconfigured the previously inaccessible entrance and you can now get in. Good for them! But don't drink too much coffee: the bathrooms are still inaccessible!
Main Street Pizza
10 Main Street
NOTurkey The entrance has a step.
Western Avenue Pizza
10 Western Avenue
YESWaiter Accessible!

Hill back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Hill Village Pizza Pub
Commercial Street
YESWaiter There's plenty of parking including an accessible space near the front door. Entrance is accessible. Floors are tile with spacious layout. Restroom is accessible with a large maneuvering area. Staff are friendly.

Hillsborough back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Hillsborough House of Pizza
335 W. Main Street
YESWaiter Accessible entrance with double doors but plenty of space, accessible bathroom.
Tooky Mills
9 Depot Street
YESWaiter Parking was somewhat inconvenient because of not having any van-accessible spots. Entry doors were a little heavy but otherwise the entrance was accessible. The hostess was very accommodating. Restrooms are accessible. Our diner enjoyed this restaurant and found both the food and the staff to be great.

Holderness back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Walter's Basin
15 Main Street, Route 3
YESWaiter Our rater judged this restaurant to be fully accessible. Accessible parking is at the street and across the road. No specific accommodations were requested.

Hooksett back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
99 Restaurant & Pub
1308 Hooksett Road
YESWaiter Entrance and dining room are accessible. Booths and tables. Parking needs van-accessible access aisles. The manager has promised to do this. Restrooms were not rated. Braille menus and friendly staff. Good food, low prices.

Mangia Italia Deli Cafe
114 Londonderry Turnpike

YESWaiter There was a lot of close parking but no designated HC parking spots. The entrance had a 2-3 inch threshold. Inside access was above average, restrooms were "average". Staff were very nice. Our rater enjoyed this casual, byob restaurant.

Hudson back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Route 102
NOTurkey Parking was not well marked and required crossing the drive-up traffic to enter the building. Entrance and inside access were accessible. Bathrooms, however, were not. The corridor leading to the bathrooms is narrow and requires a wheelchair user to back up rather than turn around. Our rater says, "When I asked about the restrooms, it was suggested that I visit a McDonald's at a different location!"

Keene back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

China Wok
7 Court Street

NOTurkey The front entrance is inaccessible. There is a substandard ramp at the rear of the building which will bring you through the kitchen. The smell of garbage is distinctive. Bathrooms were not checked.
463 West Street Plaza
NOTurkey There are two Friendly's on West Street in Keene. Our rater checked out the one at the West Street Plaza. While the people were nice, the atmosphere "friendly", and the parking accessible, Friendly's was not too user-friendly if you are in a wheelchair, starting with the entrance, with heavy doors and a sharp turn. Our rater could not get in without assistance. Interior layout was tight. The bathroom door was also too heavy to open without assistance, and the stall is at a strange angle, making it inconvenient.
10 Central Square
NOTurkey On-street parking, a few accessible spots on the street with ramped curbs, but if they're full you're out of luck. Winter is especially difficult due to snow accumulation. The entrance has a very steep, narrow ramp obstructed by a table full of menus. Main room is very tight for a wheelchair or crutches. If you call ahead, you can make arrangements to eat in the side room and enter through a side door, which they will come and unlock when you arrive. If there is a special event in that room, as there often is, you are out of luck. If you can get in the bathrooms are accessible. June 2014
Nicola's Trattoria
51 Railroad Street
YESWaiter Nicola's has moved to a new location on Railroad Street but is just as accessible as before. There's on-street parking and a covered parking garage nearby. The entrance is ramped, the interior is roomy, better than the last location, and the bar area is accessible. The restrooms are also accessible. The food was excellent. 2-8-11
Pedraza's Mexican Restaurant
45 Central Square
YESWaiter On street parking was judged accessible. The main entrance is also accessible but there's a steep ramp. The door was propped open, making it easier to get in. Interior was spacious; however, the outdoor tables were not accessible. The menu is easy to open for someone who uses an adaptive hand brace, and the silverware was light and easy to use.

Pizza Hut
333 Winchester Street

YESWaiter Our rater found Pizza Hut to be fully accessible, except she didn't check the bathrooms. 1-28-10
The Pub
131 Winchester Street
NOTurkey 8-3-2007 update:

Last month we posted the following review of the Pub based on information sent to us by a reviewer:

“Bathrooms were inaccessible due to a narrow hallway and doorframe, and front entrance required assistance. Parking and interior were accessible, however, and our rater enjoyed her dining experience.”

Shortly after we posted the above review, we received a call from Mayor Mike Blastos of Keene. The Mayor told us he was the owner of the Pub, and that he strongly disagreed with our rating. He claimed the Pub has been completely accessible since 1985. He said the front entrance and bathrooms were completely accessible. He offered to meet us at the restaurant and show us.

A few weeks later, we called and left a message for Mayor Blastos so that we could set up a meeting and tour. His return message to us was as follows:

“Good afternoon, this is Mayor Blastos, City of Keene, from the Pub Restaurant and Caterers as well, returning your call. If this is a followup for to come down I see no sense bothering with it, it’s not necessary that I be in your book. It’s your handicapped that lose out, not me. Thank you. Bye bye.”

We went anyway, with measuring equipment. What we found were even more problems than had been spotted by our rater before. Some highlights:

Parking: The two marked accessible parking spaces did not meet accessibility guideline standards. They were marked by one sign that was difficult to see, in part because it was too low, well below the ADAAG standard of 60 inches from the ground. There were no access aisles for either space, and no space that was van accessible.

Entrance: The door required 7-8 pounds of pressure to open, more than the 5 pound maximum suitable for people with disabilities. Our rater did indeed require assistance.

Interior was do-able although much of the seating was booths. Our rater was seated at a pedestal table without enough leg room to get the wheelchair up to the edge of the table.

Bathrooms: There were two sets of men’s and women’s bathrooms, one near the cash register, and one in the back of the restaurant. The forward bathrooms were unquestionably inaccessible due to very narrow doors and very little floor space.

The bathrooms in the rear required using a path of travel that included a raised threshold through a doorway that looked difficult to maneuver and greater than the maximum ½ inch specified by ADAAG: we did not measure it, however.

The first major problem with the rear bathrooms was the entrance, which is through a small alcove with no maneuvering space. Door handles were standard round, not the recommended lever or push bar. The doorway’s clearance was 30 inches, two inches smaller than required for access: our rater could not get into the bathroom. Even if the rater had been able to get in, the interior space was too small to maneuver a wheelchair, made even smaller by the placement of a chair in the space. Due to a shelf that juts out from the wall the length of the bathroom at a height of 40 inches, the width between sink and opposite wall is 34 inches, and between toilet and opposite wall is a mere 22 inches, not nearly enough turning space. Recommended turning space is 60 x 60 inches of clear space.

The bathroom mirrors were mounted too high to use from a wheelchair (bottom of lowest mirror was 41 inches), and the towel dispenser was a whopping 61 inches from handle to floor. With the exception of grab bars and faucets with lever handles, there was not much in this bathroom that could be called accessible.

We hope the Mayor will set a good example and make his restaurant more accessible.

Stage Restaurant and Cafe
30 Central Square



Here's something different: we had two raters come to different conclusions on this restaurant. One rater says the interior is very tight, and another rates it as fully accessible. The raters also disagreed about whether the women's room was accessible.
There is one accessible parking space on the street and close to the restaurant, and the entrance is accessible. Floor plan is very tight, and the women's room was tiny and inaccessible. Nobody checked the men's room. 5-2010
Thai Garden
118 Main Street
YESWaiter Our rater found parking to be accessible though there was only one space. The entry had an airlock that was narrow with no automatic door, but staff were helpful. Accessible interior. Large bathroom was accessible but the door was judged challenging even though it had a lever handle. Staff were "fully accommodating", though "They did come up on my left even though I told them not to." Overall experience: "Very good. Nice folks."
27 Main St
NOTurkey Steps to the entrance make this place inaccessible. Geez, what is it with these restaurants in Keene?
The Works Bakery Cafe
120 Main Street
Keene, NH 03431
??Maybe?? The Works was welcoming to service dogs and generally accommodating. Parking was on-street and there weren't many accessible spaces. The entry had a double door vestibule with heavy doors and a threshold, it was hard to maneuver. Inside access was good, although most of the tables are small and hard to get under in a wheelchair. Bathroom was accessible but small. 3-2016

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Water Street Cafe
141 Water Street

NOTurkey Parking was accessible though our rater wasn't sure there was a van accessible spot. Entrance had heavy double doors that were difficult to negotiate. Interior access was judged good. The restrooms were inconvenient. Our rater was not thrilled with this place and would not go back, "they made us feel awkward".

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
280 Plainfield Rd
West Lebanon
 YESWaiter Applebee's was reviewed and no problems were noted for accessibility."Applebees is one of my favorites, they're very repectful to you and very kind."
4-2009 & 7-2011
Salt Hill Pub & Cafe
2 West Park Street
 YESWaiter  Spacious layout, accessible parking right out front. 
Three Tomatoes Trattoria
1 Court Street
 YESWaiter The tables are a little close together and getting around inside could be difficult on a busy night, but otherwise accessible. 
Weathervane Seafood Restaurant
263 Plainville Rd Rte 12A
West Lebanon
 YESWaiter The Weathervane in West Lebanon was reviewed and no problems were noted for accessibility.

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

GH Pizza and Restaurant
Main Street

NO Turkey

The only way in has stairs. If you get in, the bathrooms are also down stairs. Ayuh, you can't get there from here.

Littleton back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

582 Meadow Street

YESWaiter Our rater found Applebee's to be accessible though she did not check the bathrooms.
Burger King
326 Meadow Street

Our rater found Burger King to be accessible but somewhat inconvenient. Parking is accessible, but our rater, who uses a wheelchair and has someone to assist her, goes in backwards due to no push button at the doors. Seating is fixed, and somewhat inconvenient. Rest rooms are judged accessible. The rater reports some "looks" from staff, but still enjoys Burger King.

99 Restaurant
683-685 Meadow Street

YESWaiter Parking was accessible, as was entrance and interior. Restrooms also accessible. Our rater says, "This was my first time, and it was truly a great experience with staff, facility, and meal very well worth it. Staff was polite, accommodating, and understanding to the needs of both myself and my friend. The 99 Restaurant gets a total thumbs up!"

Littleton Diner
145 Main Street

NOTurkey Alas, there are steps at the entrance. To their credit, however, we hear the diner is friendly and welcoming to people with disabilities other than mobility impairments.
Pizza Hut
238 Meadow Street

Van parking was accessible. Entrance was inconvenient: someone had to push the wheelchair in backwards. Our rater sat at the end of a booth - fixed seating. Restrooms weren't rated. No accommodations were requested. Our rater loves to go here despite the inconveniences.
Thayers Inn
111 Main Street
NOTurkey Steps to the entrance of this restaurant located within the Inn make it inaccessible.

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
99 Restaurant
41 Nashua Rd (Rt. 102)

Parking was judged to be above average. There were no automatic door openers at the entrance, which was found to be average. Tables were small and not accessible to wheelchairs or for more than 4 people. Everything else about the 99 was judged to be average. 4-08
Burgundy's Billiard Room
123 Nashua Road
YESWaiter Great parking, ramps up to code, spacious floor layout, hard packed carpet, accessible restrooms. Fully Accessible.
Cracker Barrel
16 Nashua Road
YESWaiter Very accessible restaurant. Multiple accessible parking spaces, entrance and dining room are accessible. The gift shop, however, is largely inaccessible due to surplus of merchandise, and register counter could use an accessible shelf. Braille menus available. Friendly , knowledgeable wait staff, treat customers like family. Our rater says, "My favorite restaurant!"
Ginger Garden
44 Nashua Road
YESWaiter Parking is the only issue here: There are marked accessible spaces with an access aisle. However, there are parking spaces directly in front of the ramp, so if someone parks there you may or may not be able to get down. Everything else was above average. Flooring was packed carpet and tile. Bathrooms were roomy with lowered mirrors and insulated pipes under the sink. Food was delicious.
Poor Boys
136 Rockingham Road
NOTurkey Not accessible: stairs and no ramp.

Super Wok
25 Orchard View Drive

NOTurkey There are no signs or access aisles for accessible parking on the accessible side of the building. Ramp is a makeshift version of built-up tar. entrance and interior were average or above average, with packet carpeting. Restrooms: there is an extremely heavy glass door separating the hallway to the restrooms from the restaurant. The door opens into the hallway, so it would be nearly impossible to open from a wheelchair. There is a planter blocking the path of travel to the door.
TJ's Bagel & Eatery
123 Nashua Road
YESWaiter Our rater judged TJ's to be fully accessible with the only exception interior access.

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Is it recommended? Review and Comments
99 Restaurant & Pub
1685 South Willow Street
YESWaiter The Manchester location is accessible except that there are too many booths. Perhaps you could call ahead for seating. A second rater also noted the bathroom door was extremely hard to open. The manager was notified. If you go there, check the bathroom door and tell us if it's been fixed. 5-10
900 Degrees Pizzeria
50 Dow Street
YESWaiter 900 Degrees has its own parking lot with accessible spaces. There's a ramp entrance. Restroom was judged accessible: "Could use a lower mirror, but everything else worked". Our rater recommends this place - "Live entertainment, good food, reasonable prices." 6-10
All Juiced Up
790 Elm Street

Parking is on the street. Sidewalks and curb cuts are bumpy but doable. The entrance has a slope, a slight bump and not an automatic door. Counter height is a bit high, but employees are friendly and helpful. Our raters ordered their food and the waitperson brought it out to them at the outdoor table. Restrooms are not accessible - there are "a couple stairs" to the restroom, so we can't recommend this restaurant. However, the food was great, natural and healthy. As of 4/7/10, outdoor construction made it difficult to have a conversation.
Belmont Hall & Restaurant
718 Grove Street
NOTurkey There is no designated accessible parking, and the existing spaces are very tight. The entrance has a ramp but the door is locked and there's a high threshold. Interior is tight. Restroom is inaccessible. However, the rater noted "very good menu and food. Good service." 12-2010
Mall of New Hampshire
YESWaiter The Mall has accessible parking. Entrance and interior access are above average. This is a smaller Uno's so the space between tables is a little tight. Restrooms not checked but based on prior experience, they are probably accessible. Very accommodating.
Billy's Sports Bar & Grill
34 Tarrytown Road
YESWaiter Our rater found Billy's above average across the board. "Good food and fun".
Black Brimmer
1087 Elm Street
NOTurkey Parking is on Elm Street, judged somewhat inconvenient. Entrance was accessible. Bathrooms were not: they are downstairs. Interior: some of the tables are on raised platforms.
Bridge Street Cafe
1117 Elm Street
NOTurkey Parking is on Elm Street. Entrance is accessible, but interior is very tight. "The food was good but there was really only one seat to fit a wheelchair and required others to move- they were nice enough to offer to do this. IF there's an accessible restroom, there's no accessible route to get there."

Cactus Jack's
782 S. Willow Street

YESWaiter Fully accessible!
Chen's Garden
956 Second Street
YESWaiter Fully accessible! Our rater used the word "excellent" across the board. Parking was excellent, entrance and interior were excellent, "as if it was made for the disabled". 12-2010
75 Arms Street
YESWaiter Flat entrance. Most tables easy to get close to, accessible restrooms (a bit tight though). Open floor plan with hard packed carpet. A ramp leads to upper level and bar. There's also an outside patio but there's a step up.
Derryfield Restaurant
625 Mammoth Road
YESWaiter This restaurant was judged fully accessible.
Famous Dave's BBQ
1707 S. Willow Rd.
YESWaiter Famous Dave's is an accessible restaurant. Do avoid sitting in the bar, though: the bar itself is high, with high stools, and the area is crowded. Booths and tables in the rest of the area.
Firefly Bistro
22 Concord Street
YESWaiter Parking was fully accessible. "Make sure to park in their lot. The street entrance is not accessible and can be confusing. it's a long walk from there to the accessible entrance." Entrance, interior, and bathrooms were fully accessible. "Friendly staff, good food." 5-10
155 Dow Street
YESWaiter Parking was especially good. The first floor was accessible though there is a second floor that is not. Tables are "roomy". Bathroom was accessible, and had grab bars. Server was agreeable to reading the menu, and it was a good overall experience.
1229 South Willow Street
NOTurkey Parking was very good. There is a ramp that needed minor repairs but was otherwise accessible. Interior was roomy. HOWEVER, the bathrooms were inaccessible - down a small hallway, no turning space, and otherwise not equipped properly. Food was good but very slow service was noted. 12-2010
Gaucho's Brazilian Steakhouse
62 Lowell Street
YESWaiter The bathrooms are accessible though there are some tight turns. Parking is on-street. entrance, interior, and attitude were all found to be good.

Golden Rod Drive-In
1681 Candia Road

YESWaiter Our rater finds this restaurant above average with parking, entry, and overall experience. Interior is somewhat inconvenient but doable, due to a little crowding around tables. Bathroom was also inconvenient but doable. "Good food, fair prices, great attitude, accessible. This is a must for good food and ice cream".
Golden Bowl
124 Queen City Avenue
YESWaiter Parking is close to the entry, however there is no raised sign or access aisle. The entry has a small lip but otherwise accessible. Interior is very maneuverable, with tables rather than booths. Bathrooms are fully accessible. Very tasty Vietnamese food.
Jewell & the Beanstalk
793 Somerville Street
NOTurkey Parking is on-street. The entrance is not accessible although they have a ramp that can be put out upon request. Bathrooms were inaccessible. 5-10
J.W. Hill's Bar & Grille
795 Elm Street

Parking is on Elm Street and judged below average. The rater had to park two blocks away in a private lot. Entrance and interior were accessible. Restrooms were not checked. Quality of food was judged to be average.
K.C.'s Rib Shack Barbeque
837 2nd Street
NOTurkey The entrance to K.C.'s had a 2-3 inch threshold, making it difficult to get in. Bathroom was inaccessible. Pulled pork was judged "great".
955 Second Street
NOTurkey There is inadequate accessible parking, and the ramp is at a separate entrance in the rear, with a door that's hard to open. Perhaps someone should tell the Colonel that the days of a separate (but equal) entrance in the rear are over. If you get in, the tables are easily accessible, but a zig-zag line to the registers is somewhat inconvenient.
La Carretta Mexican Restaurant
545 Daniel Webster Highway
??Maybe?? Restaurant is in a strip mall with accessible parking spaces. Entrance has a 1" beveled lip to get in. Bathrooms are accessible but soap and paper towels are hard to reach. The problem, however, is that the restaurant has two levels, one inaccessible, and the accessible level has booths (you'd have to sit in the aisle) and high tables. There is one accessible table in the corner. Do-able but not great.
Lakorn Thai
470 S. Main Street
??Maybe?? Parking is judged somewhat inconvenient due to a tiny parking lot. The double door entry requires assistance. The interior is fully accessible EXCEPT there is no accessible restroom. The overall experience was "average". 4-11
Longhorn Steakhouse
1580 S. Willow Street
YESWaiter Accessible parking, entrance, inside access. Plenty of accessible tables. Friendly staff. Bathrooms were not checked.
1037 Elm Street
YESWaiter On street accessible parking; several ramps are available in case city forgets to plow one. Accessible entrance, doors easy to open. Fairly spacious layout. Two levels, with ramp to upper level. Accessible bathrooms.
Merrimack Restaurant
786 Elm Street
NO Turkey Parking was on-street and limited. Entrance and inside access were good. However, bathrooms are in the basement and there's no elevator. Too bad.
MoeJoe's Family Restaurant
2175 Candia Road Manchester
??Maybe?? Parking is above average; entrance has a slight lip but is do-able with assistance. Interior is accessible, with tables and some booths. Alas, the bathroom was not accessible: stalls are too small, and there are no grab bars. The food and service were great, though. 4-11
MoeJoe's Diner
649 East Industrial Partk Drive Manchester
NO Turkey Not accessible. 4-11
Nadeau's Subs
776 Mast Road
YESWaiter On-street parking was somewhat inconvenient. Bathrooms not checked. Otherwise accessible sub shop.

Olive Garden
1888 S. Willow Street

YESWaiter Fully accessible. Only 1 van-accessible parking space. Attentive staff will open doors. Braille menus. Easily accommodates large groups of wheelchair users.
Panera Bread
522 March Avenue
YESWaiter Accessible parking in front of entrance. Accessible entrance. Layout is a little tight. Floors are tile. Both low and high tables. Accessible bathrooms.
Pappy's Pizza & Family Restaurant
1531 Elm Street


Parking lot has marked accessible space. Entrance is accessible. Interior has mostly stalls but some tables. In the women's room, the accessible stall has a door that opens in, hard to imagine you could get in there and close the door.

Piccola Italia Ristorante
827 Elm Street

NOTurkey On-street accessible parking. Door has two inch threshold. Interior is carpeted, extremely crowded. Booths and tables. Bathroom has an accessible stall.
Pindo's Restaurant & Pizza
49 Massabesic
YESWaiter 5-25-2007 Parking and entrance were judged to be accessible. Interior had only stools and booths, making it somewhat inconvenient. Restaurants were accessible. "Good service, good fresh food, good attitude! Nice place."
Pizza Hut
716 So. Willow Street
YESWaiter Fully Accessible
Puritan Backroom Restaurant
245 Hooksett Road

The Backroom recently made one of its restrooms unisex and so now has one accessible bathroom that both men and women can use. Parking is somewhat limited. Entrance is accessible. Floor plan is very crowded and only some of the tables are accessible.
Red Arrow Diner
61 Lowell Street
NO Turkey Entrance is inaccessible.
Richard's Bistro
36 Lowell Street
NOTurkey On-street parking and a small lot behind the restaurant. One step front entrance would require a bump up. The accessible entrance is in the rear, amid a jumble of discarded boxes, and locked: you would have to call ahead to get in. Interior is not very spacious but do-able for a manual wheelchair. Bathrooms are accessible. Expensive.
Ruby Tuesday
Mall of New Hampshire
1500 S. Willow Street

The restaurant is located in the Mall, with plenty of parking and a fully accessible entrance. Tables are crowded but the staff are more than willing to adjust them. Restrooms: the ones in the restaurant are inaccessible but the ones in the Mall are. "The wait staff go out of their way to help. They always remember I need a straw."

4-5-10 Update: the bathrooms are now accessible! A reviewer made a formal complaint and they were fixed. You too can help to make more restaurants accessible! Rate one and also ask the management to fix it if you see a problem.

Shogun Japanese Steakhouse
545 Daniel Webster Highway
YESWaiter Restaurant is in a strip mall with accessible parking spaces. Flat, accessible entrance. Bathrooms accessible. Chefs grill the food at "Teppanyaki-style" tables as you watch. Tables are low.

Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse
1050 Bicentennial Drive

YESWaiter Accessible parking in front of flat, accessible entrance. Doors easy to open. Hard packed carpet. Restaurant has tables and booths; high tables in bar. Restroom "doors have a weird swing. Once you get used to it, one stall is accessible". Very friendly.
Siam Orchid
581 Second Street
NO Turkey There is accessible parking a few doors down from the entrance. Entrance is a little awkward because of setup but you can get in. Tables are pretty close together and the aisle to the bathroom is pretty tight, but since the bathrooms aren't accessible it doesn't really matter that you can't get to them. The whole layout is probably too tight for a power chair. July 2014 UPDATE: They are moving. The new space needs to be checked for accessibility
Spatts Restaurant
2264 Candia Road
NOTurkey There are stairs to the eating level. Even if you can get up them, the tables are tightly packed.
Stage Door Cafe
96 Hanover Street
YESWaiter Besides the inconvenient on-street parking, this cafe is otherwise accessible.
Steve's House Restaurant
1265 Elm Street
NOTurkey Parking is on-street. The entrance is problematic, with a small entry hall and a second door that swings out. Bathrooms are very small and inaccessible.
Strange Brew Tavern
88 Market Street
YESWaiter Accessible parking is in a city lot at the top of a hill. There's a steep hill down to the front door. Entrance has a lip and door is hard to hold while trying to pop a wheelie to get in! Interior is spacious. Both low and high tables and stools in bar. Also booths. Accessible bathrooms.

Suddenly Susan's
28 Hanover Street

YESWaiter Parking is on-street, judged somewhat inconvenient. Entrance and inside access were somewhat tight. Bathrooms were not checked. Our rater liked the restaurant and found the experience above average.
Tandoor Restaurant
245 Maple Street, #6
YESWaiter Accessible but poorly marked parking in plaza. Accessible entrance. Interior has hard packed carpet and tile, with booths and tables. Restrooms not checked.
Taste of Europe
827 Elm Street
NOTurkey The problem with this restaurant is the bathrooms. The theoretically accessible bathroom is locked and you have to get someone to unlock it for you. But you might not want to bother: the toilet is so low as to be inaccessible.
Theo's Pizza
102 Elm Street
NOTurkey Inaccessible Entrance.

Thousand Crane Restaurant
1000 Elm Street

YESWaiter This restaurant gets high marks by foodies. It's located on Elm Street, with on-street parking. Entrance and interior are judged above average, but the restroom is below average - no grab bars. 12-10
Tinker's Seafood
545 Daniel Webster Highway
YESWaiter is in a strip mall with accessible parking spaces. Entrance is flat, roomy setting, linoleum floor, tables. The women's room serves as the accessible bathroom, which was not too clean and at the end of a long narrow hallway.
8 Hanover Street
 NOTurkey Parking is on-street and somewhat inconvenient. Entrance and interior are accessible. Bathroom is not accessible: you can't shut the door with a chair inside, there are non bars and the toilet is very low.
865 Second Street
 NOTurkey There is a ramp but this may be cut off due to an outer awning. You can't get to the second floor. The owner is very unresponsive. After restriping the parking lot incorrectly, they have failed to fix the error for two years. If you do go, be sure to call first and ask for first floor seating, and let them know they need to open the awning to have access to the ramp.
Wild Rover Pub
21 Koskiuszko Street
YESWaiter On-street parking is somewhat inconvenient, and bathroom is tight for a wheelchair. Otherwise accessible.
The Yard Restaurant
1211 South Mammoth Road
 ??Maybe?? Accessible parking in front and back entrances. Ramps at both entrances. The interior is fairly spacious, but rugs can make for tough wheeling. Restaurant has tables and bar has high booths and stools with no place for wheelchairs. The second floor is inaccessible to those who cannot climb stairs. The multi-stall, wheelchair accessible restroom is nowhere near the bar but instead way in the back. Management were not terribly receptive about feedback on this issue.

Yuki Japanese Grill
377 S. Willow Street


Accessible parking is properly marked and right outside the restaurant. Entrance and interior were judged above average, with a flooring of packed carpet and tile. Restrooms were accessible. "Great food, nice people." 12-7-09

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Piedra Fina
NH Route 101


This place is rated mostly above average and accessible. The only exception is that the bar has high stools and is inaccessible. Food was great. Bathrooms weren't checked. June 2014

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant
Route 3


Hart's has four accessible parking spots, accessible entrance, and a separate accessible bathroom.

Merrimack back to top

Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Newick's Seafood Restaurant
696 Daniel webster Highway N.
YESWaiter Accessible parking - but no access aisles. They plan to add aisles and proper signage. Entrance, inside, and rest rooms are accessible. Braille menus are available, friendly staff. Our rater says, "One of my favorites!"
Silo's Steakhouse
641 Daniel Webster Highway
NOTurkey There is limited seating for wheelchair users. Very low lighting makes it difficult to read the menus and see the food on the plates. Bathrooms were inaccessible. To their credit, a second rater said, "The staff went out of their way for us. One waitress even offered to cut up my steak so my wife didn't have to."

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Cafe on the Oval
241 Union Square
??Maybe?? Parking is on the "Milford Oval" There is one accessible space within about 50 feet of the entrance. Getting in required assistance to enter. Door handles are not ADA compliant. There is a double door entrance which provides insufficient amount of space to maneuver. Inside access was somewhat restricted by narrow aisles with patron's chairs in them. Our rater had to ask patrons to move their chairs to get by. Tables were easy to roll up to from the aisle side. Dining bar was not accessible. Restrooms had round knobs and paper towel dispenser was too high to reach. Toilet and sink were accessible, with grab bars around toilet. "Food was great and staff was friendly". 1-08

Giorgio's Ristorante & Meze Bar
524 Nashua Street


Parking meets ADA requirements and provided easy access to the restaurant entrance. Entrance is the same for all patrons. Door widths meet ADA requirements but seemed somewhat heavy to pull/push to open and required assistance to navigate through both the outer and inner entrances. Wait staff thoughtfully and respectfully makes seating accommodations at certain tables so as not to have to navigate the main dining area, which may have been difficult. Path to the outdoor patio area is through the bar area which seemed a little narrow between the bar itself and the adjacent tables to navigate through, but was manageable. Seating again was easily accessible by the wait staff. Depending on chair type, getting positioned closely to table edge may be somewhat difficult based on the table base design. Eating distance is not overly uncomfortable and manageable. Wait staff went out of their way to make sure seating accommodations were met and that dining experience was pleasurable. Restrooms were not checked. The cuisine is "delicious". 1-08

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

99 Restaurant & Pub
10 St. Laurent Street


There are steps down to the entry. Fully inaccessible!
La Carreta Mexican Restaurant
139 Daniel Webster Highway
YESWaiter Parking lot is "pretty tight" and the sidewalk is crumbling a bit, but otherwise access was judged to be good for the interior and restrooms. Good food and an accommodating place.
Lui Lui
259 Daniel Webster Hwy
Nashua, NH 03060



Our rater found this fully accessible and enjoyable EXCEPT for the path into the restaurant. Between the accessible parking spot and the accessible entrance was a stretch of sidewalk/ramp that had potholes. Further, there were no railings and the slope of the ramp was angled such that our rater feared her wheelchair was going to pitch into the DW Highway. So if you do go to Lui Lui's, make sure you go with a friend who can assist you!
Mandarin Restaurant
493 Amherst Street



There are two accessible parking spots in front that are used by the entire complex, but the markings and signage don't meet ADA requirements. There were no appropriately sized van accessible aisles, and no accessible parking out back at all. Both front and rear entrances required assistance due to non-ADA-compliant door handles: front entrance also had a double set of doors with limited space in between, making navigation difficult, and rear door had a high threshold. However, once our rater got in, he found the interior to be fine: plenty of navigation space, easily accessible tables that allow you to pull as close as you like (though be careful: there are sharp brackets under the tables that can jab you).Restrooms were not checked. Staff were friendly and helpful, food was "above average".
Rice and Roll Restaurant
13 Broad Street
YESWaiter Accessible parking and entrance. Floors are tile. Tables are nice and low, with some booths. Bathrooms are accessible, though paper towel holders are high and bathroom doors are heavy.
Ruby Tuesday's
275 Amherst Street
YESWaiter Our rater found this restaurant above average in each category. The entrance has no door opener but the staff always run to the door to assist. "We have come here on numerous occasions and always had an excellent experience. Staff is very accommodating."
Starbuck's at Barnes & Noble
235 Daniel Webster Highway
YESWaiter Parking is accessible and to the right of the flat entrance with easy to open double doors. Hard packed carpet and tile floors. Bathrooms are accessible
San Francisco Kitchen
133 Main Street
YESWaiter Our rater says this is one of her favorite restaurants, "Chinese fusion with American". Parking is on-street, with an accessible space right in front of the restaurant. Entrance is accessible, with interior a little tight (the bar is roomier). Bathrooms are accessible, roomy, and easy to maneuver. Just what is Chinese fusion with American? 11-2010

Texas Road House
580 Amherst Street

??Maybe?? Parking and entrance are accessible, with a doorman to open the door for you. The layout is less than spacious. Tables have low wood benches without arms. Restroom was not checked.
Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
166 Daniel Webster Highway
 NOTurkey Several problems put this restaurant on the "not recommended" list. Parking is poorly marked and at a horrible angle. Access aisles are very tight. There is a ramp/curb cut onto the sidewalk, but you have to back into traffic to get to it. The sushi bar is up two stairs with no rail. waiters/waitresses are slow and nonresponsive.

Uno Chicago Grill
304 Daniel Webster Highway

YESWaiter Accessible parking is parallel to the entrance opposite the Mall entrance, good for van users. Entrance and interior access was good, with a clear, wide route of travel. The host was accommodating, moving the chair out of the way before our rater got to the table.
Vietnam Noodle House
138 Main Street
YESWaiter Our rater gave this a "fully accessible" across the board, and noted it's vegetarian friendly. 9-1-10

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments

Murphy's Grille
Route 103 at Sunapee Circle



Parking is usable but striping may not be up to code. Entrance is accessible. Interior is accessible. Seating is booths and tables: some booths may be tight for larger people. The outside dining area is inaccessible to wheelchairs. Restroom was "reasonably accessible", but with a fair amount of kitchen traffic at the restroom entrance. Service was slow, lighting was low and menu somewhat difficult to read for someone with low vision. Bar is in same room as restaurant, making it noisy and difficult to hear the waitress. Food was excellent but slow.

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Restaurant Is it recommended? Review and Comments
Great Buffet II
Piscataqua Drive
YESWaiter Our two raters recommend this buffet restaurant. It's fully accessible and has great food. "I liked the pastries and soft serve ice cream." Rated 9-09
Ixtapa Cantina
50 Fox Run Road #75
YESWaiter Our rater gives this restaurant, located at the Fox Run Mall, a big thumbs up. The only problem noted was somewhat inconvenient parking, but other than that, this restaurant is fully accessible.
Longhorn Steakhouse
41 Gosling Road
YESWaiter Our rater tells us there is plenty of accessible parking, an accessible entry and interior, and roomy, accessible bathrooms.
Olive Garden
2048 Woodbury Avenue
YESWaiter Two people have rated this restaurant. Our first rater, who uses a motorized wheelchair, enjoys this restaurant and found it fully accessible. Our second rater, who also uses a wheelchair, found the parking and restrooms to be somewhat inconvenient for access, and was not impressed with the staff, who were judged rude and clumsy. Also, the restaurant would not seat the party until all members had arrived.

Texas Road house
47 Fox Run Road

YES Waiter Our rater judged this restaurant to be fully accessible. 9-09
TGI Friday's
2060 Woodbury Avenue
YESWaiter Our rater judged this restaurant to be fully accessible.

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Four Corners Grille - Flying Goose Brew Pub
155 Route 111
New London
NOTurkey Parking was inadequate: not striped properly, with an inadequate number of spaces and snow and wood often piled in inaccessible places. Entrance was awkward and could not be done in a wheelchair without assistance. Dining room is cold and dark, and the pub area (with the good views) is inaccessible. Restroom was "horrible" for everyone. Manager had a bad attitude, and food was bad. A must miss.

McKenna's Restaurant
47 Newport Road
New London



Parking lacks van accessible access aisles but otherwise level, well signed, and striped. Entrance was a little tight with magazine racks and small space in the airlock, but do-able if someone holds the door. Tables and booths. Wheelchairs may have to stick out into traffic areas, and salad bar is hard to reach. Ladies room had some problems: entrance door lacks necessary clearance, towels and soap are hard to reach, and bathroom stall is too small to close the door if you use a wheelchair. Service and food is excellent, however.

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Lobster Quest
Route 16

Our rater had a very unfortunate experience with her service dog at Lobster Quest. Here is her report:
"I was denied service because of my service dog. I was greeted with “you can’t have a dog in here – we have a strict policy of no dogs”. I explained that he is my service dog, whereupon I was told that since I drove in I obviously could see!! I told him there are hearing dogs and seizure alert dogs – they are called “service dogs”. The man’s answer was “I don’t care I don’t want that dog in here, you have to leave”. I told him that the Americans with Disabilities Act gives him the right to be with me everywhere I go. We sat in the corner, waiting for the people I was going to meet. The man was telling me to leave since he wouldn’t serve me. It got pretty ugly and I told him to call the police. Instead he called the owner who came in and said she didn’t want a big hairy dog in the middle of her restaurant. I reminded her that I was in the corner, and according to the ADA had every right to be there. They demanded I put the cape on my dog, I told them that the ADA states that he doesn’t have to wear it. they demanded his paperwork – I told them that there is no paperwork required. They said maybe not in Maine, but it is in NH. I told them to call the NH Governors Commission on Disabilities and educate themselves to what the laws in NH say. Eventually the Tamworth police did arrive and told me that the proprietors have the right to deny service to anyone they choose and since they were denying me service I had to leave. The police officer proceeded to tell me I was not being discriminated against – I was just being denied service. He then asked me what my dog did for me and I told him he’s a medical alert dog. He asked “for what medical condition” and I told him that according the Americans With Disabilities Act I am not required to answer that question."
Hard to believe there are restaurants that are still so ignorant.

Pizza Barn
Route 16
Center Ossipee

NO Turkey

Entrance was inaccessible - no ramp, small doorway.

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Chunky's Cinema and Pub
150 Bridge Street

YES Waiter Chunky's has accessible parking, an accessible entrance, floor plan, and bathrooms, and is friendly and accommodating.The NH Spinal Cord Injury Association has had an event here, with great success.

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28 Grove Street
NOTurkey Alas, this place is not accessible.

Twelve Pine
Depot Square on School Street

YESWaiter A big thumbs up for Twelve Pine. It's accessible across the board. Twelve Pine is a cafe style restaurant and gourmet marketplace, with a bakery, wine shop, and oh so much more. Our raters had a very positive experience here. 3-11

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1464 Woodbury Road
YESWaiter The following issues were noted with Applebee's: the entry doors are not electric but the staff come out and open them for you. With her electric wheelchair, our rater could get into the bathroom but couldn't turn around the chair - she had to leave the door open! Nevertheless, our rater loves this restaurant and goes there a lot.
580 US Highway 1 Bypass
YESWaiter Our rater found Bickford's to be fully accessible and enjoyable.

Hebert's Restaurant
Rt. 1 Market Basket Plaza

YESWaiter Our rater enjoyed Hebert's and found it to be fully accessible EXCEPT for the parking. 9-09
Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse
2466 Lafayette Road
YESWaiter This restaurant was found to be fully accessible with the exception of a somewhat inconvenient restroom.
1465 Woodbury Avenue
YESWaiter Parking is in a strip mall across from the door, but due to curb cuts you have to make al detour to get in. The entry has a first and second door with a foyer in between. Both doors open outward, and someone usually needs to assist with the somewhat awkward arrangement. Interior is roomy and so are the bathrooms.
Redhook Brewery
35 Corporate Drive
NOTurkey Our rater summed up the Redhook as "somewhat inconvenient". Parking was inconvenient, and the entrance was only accessible "with the help of other patrons who held the door open for me". Interior layout: inconvenient. Bathrooms were also a disappointment, toilet was difficult to use due to the lack of a grab bar, so our rater was unable to transfer. Also noted no handle on the toilet door. Despite this, our rater enjoyed the experience. It must be said they also have a cool website. If you decide to brave the inconveniences, give them some feedback so they can do better.
Ruby Tuesday
1574 Woodbury Ave.
Portsmouth, NH 3801

Parking was accessible but to get onto the ramp required going to the end of the building - not too convenient but do-able. The entry was also inconvenient because, once the large front door was open, there was little room to maneuver the chair. Interior was also inconvenient - chairs had to be moved in order to get to the table, which was too low. Bathroom wasn't checked. But the food was good and the wait staff were respectful!

Sake Restaurant
141 Congress Street

YESWaiter Our rater gave Sake a big thumbs up across the board. So if you like Japanese cuisine, here's your place!

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Dynasty Restaurant
24 Signal Street
??Maybe?? Our rater had to park far away from the building to have room for accessible van. Entrance and inside access were good. Restroom doors were not big enough for a big scooter (we're not sure about a wheelchair), but once inside the bathrooms are roomy. There was a buffet with assistance if needed.
Froggie's Place
133 North Main Street

This place is inaccessible. There are two steps in, and if that doesn't stop you, there are no railings to Froggy's Placehold on to. Someone suggested they put in railings, and as you can see in the photo, they put in...bathroom grab bars. As our rater declared, "It's easy access for any gymnast!" 9-13

Lilac City Grille
103 North Main Street
NOTurkey This place is inaccessible. 10-13
Papaya Thai Restaurant
101 North Main Street
NOTurkey This new restaurant is inaccessible. There are steps into the front door. Around back there is a ramp into the kitchen, which is in poor condition including some rather large holes, and covered with junk. It appears to be used only for unloading to the kitchen and storage. Sad. Our rater loves Thai food. 10-13
240 Portland Street
Nice, accessible restaurant. The only problem noted is the signage for the parking - it's on the ground, where snow will likely obscure it in winter.

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Plain Jane's
897 Rumney Route 25

YESWaiter Parking is close to the restaurant but unpaved. Some areas of the restaurant are inaccessible. Otherwise interior is OK, including bathrooms.

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99 Restaurant
149 S. Broadway

YESWaiter Parking and entrance were accessible. Booths have removable seating so you can wheel right up. You won't be able to sit in the bar area without blocking traffic, however. Restrooms were accessible. Quality of food was judged average.

Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzeria
99 Rockingham Park Blvd

YESWaiter Fully accessible!
Bickford Grill
3 Veterans Memorial Parkway
NOTurkey The website says this restaurant is "handicap accessible". Well, it's almost accessible, but the bathrooms are not. Perhaps someone can encourage them to fix this?
Chili's Bar and Grill
2975 Broadway
YESWaiter Fully accessible. New building, ramps up to code, spacious, hard packed carpet, accessible restrooms. One door with minor threshold.
Grand China Restaurant
7 Veterans Memorial Parkway
NOTurkey Steps with no ramp. It's not gonna work.
43 Pelham Road
NOTurkey The bathroom appears to be accessible but it is NOT, because you cannot close the stall door with a wheelchair inside. Van parking is down a hill.
1 Keewaydin Drive
YESWaiter Parking is in front of the Holiday Inn. It is restriped and leads right to the ramp. The ramp needs to be reworked due to major cracks. Automatic doors at the entrance. Hard packed carpet inside. Tables. Bar has high seating. Bathroom is accessible.

Ruby Tuesday's
99 Rockingham Blvd

YESWaiter This restaurant is "above average" all around. Parking is at the Mall of Rockingham, with easy entrance and interior access, including restrooms. The hostess was polite and helpful, and the food was good.
Starbuck's at Barnes & Noble
125 S. Broadway
YESWaiter Parking to the right of the entrance. Easy to open double doors. Hard packed carpet and tile floors. Tables and booths. Bathrooms are accessible

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse
291 S. Broadway

YESWaiter Fully accessible. Floor layout is spacious with packed carpet. Steakhouse area has easy to roll up to tables. Low tables and high stools in sushi area. Management is very friendly and responsive.

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The Corner House Inn
22 Main Street
Center Sandwich
YESWaiter Parking was close to the door. Entrance included a short wide ramp. Restrooms had grab bars. "Fine meal and service."

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Round Rock
12 Ocean Boulevard

YESWaiter Parking was judged to be average, with one accessible spot just wide enough for a van lift. There were two entrances: the one on the left enters the bar. The right hand door has a double entrance too tight to enter independently in a wheelchair. The interior was roomy, with ramps connecting separate dining rooms. Restrooms are huge, fully accessible and private. The restaurant loved having a service dog and provided it with a dish of water. Food was great, "sirloin was awesome!"

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Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill
Tilton Mall (Tangier Outlet Center)
122 Laconia Road


Despite the fact that this restaurant is mostly physically accessible, it does not get a good review due to its refusal to provide a requested and needed accommodation. The rater requested a booth close to the entrance and was told that was not possible because management does not allow customers to determine where they will sit! Really. Bathrooms were not checked for accessibility.

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Gourmet Grille
The Commons at Windham
Route 111


There were no marked accessible spots in the parking lot, and entrance and interior were judged somewhat inconvenient. However, bathrooms were accessible, and our diner's overall experience was good. 3-4-08

Lobster Tail
4 Cobbetts Pond Road
NOTurkey Parking was marked properly but there was no ramp and a pretty large bump up if using a wheelchair. The entrance door swings onto the sidewalk, making maneuvering difficult. Inside access was fine. Restrooms were accessible but if you walk slowly, leave some time because they're a long haul. Food was mediocre and pricey.

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Bayside Grill and Tavern
51 Mill Street
NOTurkey Steps. You can't get in. No accessible parking either. June 2014

Wolfeboro Inn
North Main Street

YESWaiter An enthusiastic "above average" from our rater. Parking, entrance, and interior are all accessible, althouth it was somewhat crowded. "A beauty of a restroom. Handicap stall has its own sink. Very large." Food and staff were excellent. July 2014
updated July 20, 2017