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Fall 2018: Justice for All: PDF Version


  • Personal Story: Getting Help
  • Intersection of Disability and Criminal Justice
  • Disability and the Juvenile Justice System
  • Personal Story: Independence, Safety and Lip Gloss
  • Shifting Our Lens
  • Navigating the Waters
  • Trump Administration Delays Equity in IDEA Regulations
  • Advocating for Safer Communities

Summer 2018: Disability and Cultural Diversity: PDF Version


  • Personal Story: Finding Their Way
  • Language Access Rights
  • Coming Out
  • Area Agency Service Reductions
  • What is Health Equity?
  • Opportunities for Leadership Training
  • Personal Story: The Pumpkin Vine
  • Connecting With Refugee and Immigrant Communities
  • Cultural Competence

Spring 2018: Special Education: Opportunities and Challenges PDF Version


  • Inclusion: I takes a team
  • Personal story: Finding a way
  • From a family perspective: Deaf education

Fall 2017: Making the Transition PDF Version


  • Planning for a successful transition
  • I don't need a guardian
  • Making the transition to area agency services

Medicaid Adult Dental Services: Falling off the Cliff: this article was left out of the Fall Rap Sheet due to lack of space

Health Care Transition is another important topic that did not make it into the RAP Sheet but is a critical piece of the process.

Summer 2017: Advances in Assistive Technology PDF Version


  • Assistive Technology in New Hampshire
  • Atech - Refurbished Equipment Marketplace
  • Legal Help for Assistive Technology
  • Therese Willkomm - the MacGuyver of AT

Winter-Spring 2017: Time For Fun PDF Version


  • Go Baby Go!
  • Bow Unified Basketball
  • See You at the Movies
  • National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands

Fall 2016: Getting to Work PDF Version


  • A Quality Life
  • The Foundation of Employment - Career and Technical Education
  • Ticket to Work
  • Best Brothers' Bakery
  • The ABLE Act

Summer 2016: Dream Big PDF Version


  • College Options for Students with Disabilities
  • Intelligent Lives – Dan Habib’s New Film Project
  • Higher Education and Reasonable Accommodations
  • Personal Stories

Winter 2016: Crisis in Direct Support PDF Version


  • The people we support deserve better
  • Quality training: a key to quality support
  • The changing face of NH's direct care workforce
  • Changes to the labor department rules for home care workers

Fall 2015: 25 Years of Progress PDF Version


  • A personal reflection on the 25th Anniversary of the ADA
  • A few hours with Dick Cohen
  • An accessible main Street
  • Thanks to Carol Stamatakis for her dedication
  • Olmstead: A foundation for Justice

Spring/Summer 2015: A Failure to Protect PDF Version


  • What happened to J.D.?
  • Monitoring: Another way DRC protects your rights
  • Mental health courts: Making communities safer while helping offenders access treatment
  • Severing the school to prison pipeline
  • Doing it the right way: Law enforcement response when a person withmental illness is in crisis

Winter 2015: Putting all the Pieces Together PDF Version


  • Charter schools and children with disabilities
  • Medicaid coverage for children with IEPs
  • The right to participate in extracurricular activities
  • My child is being bullied, what can I do?
  • Requesting Medicaid coverage for autism services under EPSDT

Fall 2014: Community: Be a Part of It! PDF version


  • A playground for everyone
  • Improving voter accessibility in the granite state
  • Bhawani Dangal, leader in the deaf Bhutanese community
  • Supported typing at Crotched Mountain ATech Services

Spring-summer 2014: Staying Healthy PDF Version


  • Dental care and people with disabilities
  • Medicaid's special coverage for children and young adults
  • Supported housing - part of the community mental health settlement agreement
  • Refugees face unique barriers to health care
  • Your right to appeal or file a grievance - NH Medicaid managed care plans

Winter 2014: Making It Better PDF version

Fall 2013: The Power of Speaking Out PDF Version

Spring 2013: A System in Crisis PDF Version

Fall 2012: Inclusive Education PDF version

Summer 2012: Accessibility in the Granite State PDF version

Spring 2012: Putting the Squeeze on Care PDF version

Fall 2011: Supporting a Quality Life PDF version

Summer 2011: Getting a Foot in the Door PDF version

Winter/Spring 2011: Rising to the Challenge: ASD in New Hampshire PDF Version

Fall 2010: Literacy and Disability PDF Version Text Version

Summer 2010: Civic Engagement PDF Version Text Version

Spring 2010: Off to a Great Start PDF Version Text Version

Winter 2010: Health and Wellness PDF Version  Text Version

Fall 2009: Express Yourself PDF Version   Text Version

Summer 2009: The Long Road Home PDF Version Text Version

Spring 2009: Making Ends Meet PDF Version Text Version

Winter 2009: Please Don't Hurt Me PDF Version Text Version

Fall 2008: Taking the Next Step PDF Version Text Version

Summer 2008: Just For Fun PDF Version Text Version

A group enjoying drinks at Margaritas

Spring 2008: Stranger in a Strange Land PDF Version Text Version

Winter 2008: Whose Life is it Anyway? PDF Version Text Version

Fall 2007: Direct Care in the Granite State PDF Version

Summer 2007: The Right to Communicate PDF Version Text Version

Spring 2007: Home Sweet Home PDF Version Text Version

Winter 2007: Taking a Hard Look at Quality PDF Version Text Version

Fall 2006: Back To School PDF Version Text version

Summer 2006: All You Need is Love PDF Version Text Version

Spring 2006: Taking a Stand - Making a Difference PDF Version Text Version

Winter 2006: Cracking the Job Market PDF Version Text Version

Fall 2005: Autism Spectrum Disorders PDF version Text version

Summer 2005: Welcoming and Accessible Communities PDF version - very large Text version

Frank Vinciguerra, getting out the voteSpring 2005: Better Living Through Assistive Technology PDF version Text Version

Winter 2005: Mental Health Care in the Granite State, PDF Version

Fall 2004: Getting Out The Vote, PDF
Fall 2004: Getting Out The Vote, text version

Summer 2004: Transition to Adulthood, PDF
Summer 2004: Transition to Adulthood, text pdf version
Two people sitting together on a sofaDue to lack of space, two stories did not make it into this issue. Read them here:
Clynton's story
Brian's story